Tips, Advice, and Guide: When to Change Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener is made to last you for years. However, it also depends on the current working condition of your garage door to be at its best. Both need to work together in order to operate smoothly without any glitches.

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When garage door openers fail, these usually have warnings and signs that you will notice early on. If you think that there is a problem, detach the opener from the garage door and check if the door is balanced and operates smoothly. When you lift the garage door, it should stay in place if the springs are working properly. If it falls down or moves upward, then there is a problem with the garage door. This, in turn, will damage the operator in the long run.

Although the garage door opener is sturdy, it can’t last forever. Like other devices, it may experience wear and tear. It can’t keep up with the advances and the improvements that the newer garage door openers will have. The only way to keep your garage in working order is to replace it.

Signals to Heed When your Garage Door Opener Needs Changing

But, how do you know that a garage door opener needs to be replaced? Often, there will be signs to look out for. The signals will start small and slow and will lead to erratic operation as time progresses. The obvious sign when your garage door opener needs to be changed is when it stops working and you’re left with a broken garage door that you have to open by hand so you won’t get stuck.

Here are the signs that you need to keep an eye out for in order to replace your garage door opener just in time:

• Loud or weird noises from your garage door opener. Strange noise from your garage door opener is already a cue that there’s something wrong with it. Make sure that you pay attention to how your garage door usually operates and always inspect it when it’s out of usual. However, do note that some garage door openers are made to be noisier than most. Chain drives usually rattle during operation so make sure you’re familiar to how it sounds. Pay attention to how the motor sounds, as well. These tend to get really loud when they’re almost at the end of their life. The only way to fix this is to replace the garage door opener.

• Slow moving garage door. There are some signs to problematic garage doors that may come slowly. You may see your garage moving slowly when rising. Other times, it might detach and free-fall to the floor. This situation can be dangerous, especially if you have little kids at home. If you notice that your garage door is hesitating during operation, it’s best to have it checked out.

• Vibration from your garage door opener. You’ll often see vibrations from the garage door opener than hear it. Often, older motors tend to vibrate inside the housing once the shafts are bent or the armatures are bent. If the problem is worse, you can see the mounts of the opener shaking loose. If you ignore this, the results can be catastrophic. The opener might break loose and fall on your car.

• Random garage door opening or reversing and intermittent operation. When your garage door randomly opens or reverses, this is a sure sign that the garage door opener is failing. Often, this problem has to do with the safety eye feature of the garage door opener. However, it can also be due to faulty electronics of the garage door opener. You need to replace your garage door opener when this happens. With an intermittent operation, this is a warning that your garage door opener is at the end of its life. When you push the remote, it might open. Other times, it doesn’t. This time around, you should contact a professional to have your garage door opener replaced with a new unit.

• Security issues with your garage door opener. Aside from being a fancy feature to garage door openers, security should be a top priority for you. When you notice that the security features are failing or not working, it should come up as a red flag. You wouldn’t want unauthorized people barging into your home through your garage. Have this problem checked right away.

When you see these problems creeping in, you might need to have your faulty garage door replaced with a better performing one. Find one that fits your home’s needs and your family’s lifestyle. Make sure that you check the features first, like safety, security, battery backup, and others. Pick one that works for you.

The Advantages of Newer and Smarter Garage Door Openers

Don’t mind the hassle when you’re changing your garage door opener. Always remember that a new garage door opener is an investment that you should be making for your home and for your family.

The newer and smarter garage door openers today are more convenient. They are equipped with better security features that ensure that you have control over who operates your garage door. Mobile connectivity allows you to monitor your garage door opener no matter where you are in the world. You get real-time notifications about your door’s status.c

You remove the need of having a remote with a smarter garage door opener. Often, remotes that are forgotten can lead to theft. This makes your home quite open to burglars once you leave your remote in the car. Smart garage door openers will inform you when your garage door is open so you can instantly check its security.

Others already have camera features that will allow you to see what’s going on with your home while you are away. You can also give temporary access to family or friends who will look after your home while you’re away.
Smart control also allows for multiple users. Every member of the family can now have full control of the garage door instead of depending on the remote.

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