Ways to Convert your Garage to a Living Room for Your Guests

Man Cave With HardwoodHaving enough living space might be hard to come by especially if you have a small house. If you are constantly entertaining guests at home, be it family or friends, you might need to expand your little abode to a bigger home. This extra room can be a useful addition to your house.

If you are in need of an additional room, most people look at their garage. Converting the garage into a spare room is usually an effective and inexpensive way to have more square footage.

Detached garage to cottage. If you have a detached garage, this is the best place to convert to a living room. You can easily do a renovation to make this a livable space. One of the common trends in converting a detached garage is to make it to a little cottage. You can even do more than just a simple living room if you have a detached garage. Adding the needed furniture, plumbing, lighting and fixtures is easier when you’re working with this type of garage.

Transform it to a hot spot. Since most garages are dreary, you don’t need to follow this. Transform your new living room to a hot spot that rivals Aruba. Get inspiration from tropical destinations and add color to the room. Incorporate vibrant prints and bold colors that will make the room light up. This can be a tropical retreat for your guests which will be everyone’s new favorite room.

Convert it to a man (or woman) cave. Since the garage is originally a man (or woman) cave with your bat mobile, you can take cue from this. Transform your garage to a cave that reflects your own personality. Pick the right accessories and colors to your room. Pick paint colors and lighting fixtures that will suit the kind of look that you’re after. You might be going for an industrial feel with exposed beams, so match it with pendant lights. Win over your new living room with some statement furniture for added fun.

Divide the garage. If you’re blessed with a bigger garage, what you can do is to divide it and use the other part to a living room. This ensures that your car still has a place to stay to prevent theft. It is a great idea if you own a car but still have extra space in your garage for a new room. What you can do is use a divider or put up a wall to isolate your new living room. This also prevents noise and separates this new living room from the rest of the garage.

These are some of the ways that you can convert your garage to a living room. There are still a lot of projects that you can do with your garage. It is essential to carefully study and consider the pros and cons before taking on a big project.

Just be creative and follow your own personal style in converting your garage. You can always take a do-it-yourself route in converting your garage or hire a professional contractor to do things for you.

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