Pros and Cons of a Universal Remote

Gone are the days when you have to manually lift open your garage door every time you leave or arrive home. Having a garage door opener makes every day more convenient for everyone in family. You can immediately rush out of the door in the mornings without worrying.


With this, your garage door opener remote is one of the things that you always carry with you whenever you are out of the house. This is like the key to your home. Once it lands unto the wrong hands, you’re giving them access to your home and to your properties. However like with other devices, this is also prone to wear and tear.

Once the original remote you got with your garage door opener breaks, you might need to get a universal one to work with your opener. This is the case especially for older openers.

If you are faced with this situation and you need a replacement universal remote, here are the pros and cons that you need to be familiar with:

The Advantages

• Various types. There are different types of universal remotes available in the market. These can vary depending on the manufacturer, design, and its use. Most universal remotes have two buttons that allow you to control two openers, in case you have to garage doors or a gate operator. There’s also a universal visor remote that you can leave in your car and a keychain remote that you can carry with you anywhere you go. A universal smartphone remote control informs you about the status of your door through its sensor bit that acts as a Wi-Fi hub. It also allows you to control your garage door through your mobile device. This variety allows you to choose one that suits your lifestyle and needs perfectly.

• Convenience. An advantage to universal garage door opener remotes is that they’re convenient. You can easily replace your broken remote with a universal one. They’re also available in home improvement stores and online. So, you have no problems finding a replacement one. If you have a second opener from a different manufacturer at home, you can use a universal remote to control it without bringing two remotes with you. If you have opted for a keychain universal remote, it is then convenient for you to carry it around while making sure that it is secure at all times.

The Disadvantages

• Programming may vary. Programming your universal remote may vary depending on your opener. You need to determine first if the opener uses a DIP switch or a learn button. Newer garage doors have the learn button while the older ones have DIP switches. You need to check out your opener and find the learn button. If you’ve lost your old remote, you need to reprogram it and delete the previous stored information in the opener. Then you can already program your new remote to your opener. For DIP switches, locate these and create a specific sequence of up and down switches. Match this specific sequence in your remote using a screwdriver. After matching it, program the button of the remote and you’re good.

• Finding the right one. Most of the universal remotes today are made for newer openers and those made from the 90s. You cannot just purchase a universal remote and think that it will work with your opener. It is better to know the model of your opener and find a specific universal remote that works with it. You can consult your local home improvement retailer if you need any help. The older ones most often come with DIP switches, so make sure that you check your garage door opener first before heading out to a store near you.

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