5 Lessons to Learn From the Tulsa Robbery That Used Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are one of today’s modern home conveniences. Just having one allows a homeowner to quickly open or close the garage door with a push of a button. Sometimes, a mobile phone will do the trick.


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Despite the conveniences that this device offers, it can also be used by thieves. Here are the lessons that you need to learn from the Tulsa robber that used garage door openers.

The Incident

In a recent burglary incident in Tulsa, Oklahoma that happened on July 2017, two people got inside Jim Fuhls’shome by using garage door openers. They used remotes for garage door openers that are left in the unlocked cars of homeowners. In just a couple of minutes, the burglars got inside the home.

They went into the garage and into the fridge to get some stuff. They took the spare keys that were on a rack. The homeowners found the keys all over the yard the next day. Their car was stolen.

Apparently, the burglars continued checking the other cars down the street. This incident happened on a few streets in Shadow Mountain neighborhood.

Although the car was found in another neighborhood, the key fob, remote, and car keys are still missing.

Lessons to Learn

Although this is an isolated case, it can be worth noting that such burglary was preventable. Should the homeowners took the necessary precautionary measures, none of these would have happened.

Here are the lessons that you need to take away from this incident:

1. Never leave your garage door opener remotes in your car. Although it is more convenient to have your remote close to you whenever you drive home or to the office, just leaving it in the most obvious location is not safe. It is usually the first place a burglar would look for valuables, especially if you’re parked outside where there’s no security. If possible, switch your visor remote for a handy one that you can carry with you all day. This ensures your remote is safe and will not fall into the hands of thieves.

2. Never leave your car unlocked. Locking your vehicle should be almost second nature to you whenever you’re driving. This is mandatory in order to keep your possessions and the people inside secure. Don’t think that any place is safe, even your neighborhood. Often, incidents happen when you least expect it and in the safest place for you. It’s especially important to lock it if you’re just parking your car outside and not inside your home. Make sure that you double check your car as soon as you step out.

3. Lock garage doors from the inside. If you’re sleeping through the night or away for work or for a vacation, it’s best to lock your garage from the inside as well. Don’t just depend on the automatic lock of your garage door opener. Having it securely locked will give you the peace of mind that no one can get in while you’re not around.

4. Beef up your home’s security. Aside from the usual home and garage security, it may be a good investment to add extra features to your home’s security. Having motion sensors, security cameras, and even as simple as motion-activated lights can be helpful in beefing up your security. This is an extra layer that can help deter possible burglars from coming into your home.

5. Never keep spare keys in a visible rack. If all the spare keys weren’t placed in a rack near the door, the burglars wouldn’t have been able to get to the important keys and the key fob. Although keeping your keys before you walk out the house is important, it shouldn’t be too visible that even strangers could find it easily.

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