Top 13 Trusted Garage Door Opener Brands of All Time

Garage door openers are so common today that there are different manufacturers that are coming out with various models of opener. This can make purchase a tad bit confusing for anyone who just wants a durable garage door opener for their home.

what is the best garage door opener brand

If you are looking for one, the best rule of thumb is to opt for the top brands. These are usually made by reputable manufacturers who only roll out tested and effective openers.

Here are the top brands in the market today:

1. LiftMaster. This is a top brand in the industry. LiftMaster is the leading brand for both residential and commercial garage door openers in the market. The brand has been around for more than 45 years and has become a leader in innovation and revolutionized garage door openers. It is known for its openers that are designed to fit specific needs or lifestyles. Its headquarters is in Oak Brook, Illinois.

2. Craftsman. The brand is known for home tools. Craftsman carries a variety of products from hand tools, power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and even garage door openers. This is made by the Chamberlain Group and is a trusted name in the industry. Craftsman also carries different openers, like screw drives, chain drives, and belt drives.

3. Decko. The company opened in 1932. It offers a variety of products that can be used for the home, such as furniture, bath accessories, racks, pumps, and others. Their line of garage door openers are powerful and made for heavier garage doors. They also carry extensions if you have a larger door. Each item from Decko carries industry warranty and they provide excellent customer service.

4. Chamberlain. The Chamberlain Group is by far the largest manufacturer of garage door openers in the world. The Chamberlain brand carries different models and types of openers. It is known for its Whisper Drive model that operates quietly and is perfect for homes with living spaces above the garage.

5. Raynor. The company started in the 1940s and is now a leading manufacturer of garage doors. In addition to this, they have their own line of garage door openers that are made to suit the doors that they market. They carry different models of openers, including a jackshaft wall-mounted opener.

6. Genie. The Genie brand is almost synonymous to screw-drive openers. This is because Genie invented screw drive. However, they are also known for their powerful DC openers. Now, Genie is owned by the Overhead Door Corporation.

7. Sommer. This European brand boasts of high quality garage door openers. It is available in 90 countries around the world. In the US, Sommer is stationed at Charlotte, North Carolina. Sommer is known for its direct drive openers that has ultra-quiet operation. It has German technology that ensures the opener is durable and packed with safety features.

8. Hormann. This is leader in both residential and commercial garage door openers that are made in steel. Hormann also carries a line of garage door openers that were engineered in Germany but made in the US. Unfortunately, their line of openers is limited but high quality.

9. Linear. The company is one of the major manufacturers in wireless technology, remotes, openers, and other security systems. Linear has been around for 50 years although it is not a familiar brand. It is known for its chain drive openers that come in various models

10. Overhead. This brand has a complete line of openers, such as chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive. The company is founded by the man who invented the garage door opener, CG Johnson.

11. Marantec. Although it is not a famous brand, Marantec manufacturers high quality openers. It is another German-based manufacturer that distributes in different countries. Their garage door openers are all DC powered. These are also sold exclusively through specific dealers.

12. Skylink.  The manufacturing base of Skylink is in China but the brand has offices in Canada, US, Hong Kong, and China. Skylink is known for its DIY security systems for the home. Its line of garage door openers boasts of smartphone compatibility and security.

13. Martin. This brand is manufactured by Marantec and has a line of garage door openers with torsion drive, steel-reinforced belt drive, and chain drive.

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