Step-by-Step Guide: TouchTunes Jukebox Troubleshooting

The TouchTunes jukebox brings friends and people together through music. Being a digital jukebox, it makes entertainment at bars and restaurants more convenient and fuss-free. However just like any device or application, it might encounter some glitches at some point. Whether you are an application user or a venue owner, there are certain things that you can do to resolve these problems.

TouchTunes Application

If you are using TouchTunes jukebox when going out, then you might be encountering problems from time to time. Below are the common problems that you might be encountering with the jukebox. Follow the steps for easy touchtunes jukebox troubleshooting.

Cannot locate favorite jukebox

This is a common issue for many users. If you cannot check into a jukebox, make sure that the jukebox option is enable on the application. A reason for this is that you might not have an internet connection. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that the jukebox option is turned on. If you have these resolved and it’s still not working, the jukebox might be too far from you. You need to be close to the jukebox, not more than half a mile away, to be able to connect. Another reason is that the location might be set to private.

Changing password

If you’ve lost your phone or just want to have better security, then you might need to change your password. To do so just tap on your avatar on the app and click Edit. Enter your new password and click done.

touchtunes step by step guide

TouchTunes Jukebox in venues

For those running a TouchTunes jukebox in their bar or restaurant, then here are the common issues that you might need to troubleshoot:

Filter explicit songs

If your venue is family-oriented, then you wouldn’t want kids to find songs filled with explicit content. This might happen unintentionally when kids are left with the device alone. What you can do is to filter certain music genre, such as rock or hip-hop. These two genres usually have the most explicit content.

To filter songs and keep the music family-friendly, go to Music Filters. This tab shows whether music with explicit content will be played. Filters are disabled by default which allows any music to be played. Just disable the Allow Explicit Content option in order to apply a filter on songs to be played in the future.

Remote control does not work

TouchTunes provides a remote control for its devices. This RF-based remote makes the entire process easier. You do not have to point the remote directly to the TouchTunes device.

If the remote doesn’t work, check the batteries first. Make sure that you’re using fresh batteries. Alkaline batteries are preferable, as well. If it’s still not working, then you need to have it checked by a professional.

Jukebox does not have sound

Check the amplifier first. The amplifier is usually separate from the actual jukebox. Inspect if the amplifier has been plugged. If it is, then make sure that it is turned on. A green LED light will go on to signal that the device is turned on. If it’s still not working, check if there’s power and that the electrical wirings are working.

These are just some of the common TouchTunes troubleshooting steps. If you cannot fix the issues using the above ways, you can contact TouchTunes’s helpful support DJs for assistance or bring your device to a professional.

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