Why TouchTunes Digital Jukebox is the Best?

At the digital age, it is expected for everything to catch up with the fast pace of technology. Digital jukeboxes have long replaced the traditional analog ones. Bars and restaurants have found it more convenient to have digital jukeboxes to entertain customers. With digital jukeboxes, customers are able to pick what they want to hear easily.

About TouchTunes

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TouchTunes is an in-venue entertainment platform that provides location-based solutions to bars and restaurants.
The company started with its first pay-for-play digital jukebox and has been a leader in innovation since that day. It developed a multi-application platform that offers different interactive experiences to customers. It comes with an application component for mobile devices. This provides convenience so customers can check which songs are playing and which ones are next.

This jukebox system also comes with added services. It can also switch to photobooth or karaoke mode through the TouchTunes remote. This adds a variety of entertainment options.

The jukebox has millions of songs and is integrated with other services. It has also partnered with thousands of jukebox operators that provide support and service to the local venues.

TouchTunes delivers an end-to-end entertainment solutions to the market. Its headquarters is in New York City with offices in London, Montreal, Vancouver, and Chicago.

TouchTunes Application

TouchTunes has its own mobile application available in Android and iOS. This allows you to control the music from thousands of bars, restaurants and other social places in the US and Europe.

The free application acts like a remote for TouchTunes Jukebox so you can search for music, play your favorite songs, import playlists and earn rewards while sitting comfortably. Check what song is playing at the venue and what’s up next through the app. You can also queue songs even before you arrive at the restaurant.

Just download the TouchTunes app so you can start interacting with TouchTunes and start playing your favorite music.

The application syncs your Spotify and music so it will know your favorite songs and artists. This allows the app to understand which songs and genre you like so it can recommend songs and playlists.

Payment is also easy through the app. You can link up your credit card or Paypal to purchase song credits.

Full Control with Your Device

With the TouchTunes Jukebox, customers are able to play their favorite songs.

Through the app, you can find venues with the jukebox. Check what’s playing and what song is up next through your mobile phone.

It connects you with thousands of bars and restaurants and play your favorite music to fill your Friday nights. It’s very convenient and you don’t have to leave your seat to queue in your songs. You have the option to pay extra in order to push up your song to the top of the queue.

An Excellent Solution to Venues

Aside from making music convenient to customers, TouchTunes is also making entertainment less hassle to venue owners. It does not require big equipment that take up space. TouchTunes can be connected to the current setup in the venue, requiring only cables and a little space for the stand.

Venues are also able to charge whatever price per song and how many credits a customer will get with a certain amount of money.

Through the app, venues can send out customized marketing messages to customers. With push notifications, venues can tell regular customers about events and promotions that they’re having.

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