Top-notch DIY Christmas Decors for December 2016

5 DIY Garage Christmas Decor Tricks That Will Amaze Your Neighbors

Christmas is right around the corner and we start to think of ideas on how we decorate with Christmas ornaments. The least decorated part of the house is the garage. Maybe because we don’t really celebrate Christmas in the garage but that doesn’t mean we should neglect to put decors on it. Since we’re decorating the garage, it calls for a DIY project. It’s cheaper and practical. There are so many garage Christmas decors that we can do that your neighbors won’t believe you made it yourself! Here are some that you can make this year:

1. Giant Christmas Ornaments From Old Tires

Picture a huge Christmas ball ornament outside your garage. That’s how we’re going to make the tires as decors. You’ll actually need old tires, some ¼” scrap plywood, liquid nails, staple gun with 1” staples, different colored satin sheen spray paints, galvanized buckets and some baling wire. Here’s how we do it:

image via
  1. Clean the tires first before you start. To cover the holes of the tires, trace the tires to the plywood. When you’re done tracing them, cut it using a jigsaw.
  2. Apply a bead of liquid nails along the edge of the circle and stick the plywood to the tire.
  3. Use your staple gun and staple around the edge so as to make sure it won’t fall off.
  4. When everything is attached, use your spray paint to paint the tires and the plywood. Be creative with your colors.
  5. To complete the look of your ornaments, cut out some vinyl stencils and stick them in front of the plywood then spray paint so the design will be embedded. You can make stencils of a snowflake or a Christmas tree or whatever Christmas symbol you can think of.
  6. To top off these ornaments, grab a galvanized bucket and take out the handles. Drill two holes at the bottom of the buckets to run the wire through.
  7. Drill a ¼” hole at the top of the tire. Make your design is right side up.
  8. Cut some baling wire to form a loop at the bottom of the bucket. Run the wire through the bucket and secure it into place against the inside wall of the tire.

All that’s left is for you to position them outside your garage.

2. Pallet Snowman

The snowman is and always will be part of Christmas so it makes sense to make some. You’ll need wooden pallets, 2 round shapes to form the bottom and the head of the snowman, white spray paint, white lights with white cords, buttons for the eyes and mouth and a wooden hanger for the nose. Here’s how we do it:

image via
  1. Use a magic marker to mark the circles in the wooden pallet.
  2. When the pallet is already clearly marked, start cutting with a saw but you need to ensure that you don’t cut the bottom and the head separately.
  3. When you’re done cutting it out, spray paint the pallet with white.
  4. When it’s dry, place the white lights around the edges of the snowman. By the way, you can use a staple gun for attaching the lights.
  5. Hot glue the buttons to form the eyes and the mouth and the wooden hanger for the nose.

Now all you have to do is attach it to your garage door or place a stake at the back of the snow man and let it stand outside your garage.

3. Simple Lighted Christmas Tree On Your Garage Door

Christmas would not be Christmas without the Christmas tree! Why not make one for your garage door? You’ll need one strand of LED Christmas lights, 14 no break Christmas ornaments, 14 ornament hooks, outdoor bow, 7 snowflake ornaments, fishing line or string, 25 Command brand outdoor light clips. Here’s how we do it:

image via
  1. Seriously, clean your garage door first.
  2. Use 5 of the command brand clips to create the zigzag base pattern of the tree. Just remove the blue liner and press the adhesive strip at the back of the clip then remove the black strip to stick it to the garage door. Make sure to press along the sides so it sticks well.
  3. Now line up the remaining clips to form the body of the tree.
  4. When the tree is already formed, use the strand of lights and stick them to the clips.
  5. When the whole tree has already been outlined with the lights, start placing the ornaments and the outdoor bow.
  6. Use the remaining command brand clips to attach the snowflakes. Stick them at the top of your garage door and place some strings for the snowflakes to hang on.

Make sure your garage door is near a power source so it will light up.

4. Beer Bottle Christmas Lights

What’s Christmas without alcohol? Of course, you don’t need to be drunk to celebrate but you don’t have to throw away your beer bottles. You can save them for your beer bottle lights. You’ll need lots of beer bottles, of course and a long line of LED Christmas lights. Here’s how we do it:

image via
  1. Clean all your beer bottles first. It wouldn’t be good for your lights. Wash them and take out the labels. Let them dry thoroughly.
  2. When they’re dry, stuff the Christmas lights in each bottle.

That’s it! So easy, huh? All you have to do is line them up and light them up!

5. Pallet Christmas Tree
Earlier, we made a pallet snowman. Now, we’re a pallet Christmas tree to complete the set. You’ll need a wooden pallet, Christmas ornaments, fishing line or string, green spray paint, the smallest nails you can find and a string of LED Christmas lights. Here’s how we do it:

image via
  1. With a marker, mark your Christmas tree form.
  2. Cut the pattern with a saw.
  3. When you’re tree is formed, spray paint it with green. Let it dry.
  4. When you’re tree is dry, hammer the small nails in strategic areas so you can hang your ornaments. Don’t forget to hammer some nails on all sides so you can attach your LED lights.
  5. When the nails are embedded, start hanging your ornaments and your LED lights

Now that it’s done, you can let it stand outside your garage door! Now that your garage Christmas decors are complete, I’m sure your neighbors will be amazed with your creativity.

Get Ready to be Amazed and Inspired with This List of Top 87 Outdoor Christmas Decors

(In random order…)

Sustain My Craft Habit
DIY Embossed Birch Branch Slice Ornaments
Do you have craft equipment buried deep in a drawer that you’ll love to dust off? That was the case with my heat gun that I used to use all the time in a past crafting life.

Finding Home Farms
Outdoor Christmas Decorating: Reclaimed Wood Reindeer
As soon as I saw this picture in the SUNDANCE CATALOG, I knew it was the perfect use for the RECLAIMED WOOD we still had from my Grandfather’s house…

Fyne Designs
The Great Canadian Wreath Hop- JOY Outdoor Wreath Sign
I love traditional balsam Holiday wreaths. When I was a kid my parents owned a Christmas tree farm so I learned wreath making tricks of the trade early on!

All Things Heart and Home
DIY Mason Jar Light
This little DIY Mason Jar Light has gone viral several times. I think it’s because it’s so easy and for a covered porch, there’s nothing cuter!

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree… how you look so pretty and festive, and fun on my garage door! Just a word to the wise about this project, we have 2 single garage doors, so for the time being, we are not opening the one with the tree.

Smart School House
Giant Paper Plate Lollipops
SO many people love this easy DIY Christmas craft! These are giant paper plate lollipops for Christmas. They are super cute as a garden decoration or you can line your driveway with them.

Little Green Fingers
Snow lanterns, ski jackets and thermal wellies
I’m not good with the cold. Yesterday I was wearing thermal-lined wellie boots and an electric blue ski jacket. This is worrying, not just from a fashion standpoint, but also because I was only in the kitchen.

Restyled Junk
Scrap Wood Christmas Trees
As a “junk” crafter I tend to use anything and everything to make that perfect creation, and since I cleaned the barn a few months ago, I have been challenging myself to craft with what I have available.

Two Twenty One
Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees
A couple years ago I shared how I made my tomato cage Christmas tree. Well this year I decided to take it a step further and make tiered tomato cage Christmas trees using three tomato cages of the same size.

OhOh Blog
DIY Christmas door
Here’s an easy idea to decorate your door for Christmas. Last year I really liked the decoration done by Elias … I took the inspiration and adapt it for a front door.
Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for Your Yard Decoration
Christmas lights are sure to illuminate your holiday spirit! Decorate your home this season with our creative and classic outdoor lighting solutions that can only be described as magical.

Christmas Lights Etc
DIY Christmas Ideas: Make a Tree of Lights Using a Basketball Pole!
Like Santa’s elves, we are always hard at work to bring you fun new ways to use Christmas lights and this is a DIY Christmas idea that we just had to share!

Hallmark Channel
Giant Ornament with Tanya Memme
Making a giant ornament for this coming Christmas season in a few easy steps. Using this affordable materials, you can now make your own giant ornament.

DIY Show Off
Lighted PVC Candy Canes DIY Christmas Home Decor
These PVC lighted candy canes are a fun Christmas home decor idea and pretty way to greet guests at the front door. Welcome, friends!

Chica Circle
Holiday Gift Box Concrete Block Craft with FrogTape®
Today’s craft idea is a really great way to add some fun holiday decor to the outside of your home. I turned simple concrete blocks into a fun holiday gift boxes.

DIY Vintage Chic
How to Make Lighted Christmas Presents for Outdoor
I know everyone’s busy at Christmas time but this project didn’t take too long. Maybe you put it on your to-do list for next October or November so it’s ready in time for Christmas.

Southern Charm Wreaths
It’s A Deco Mesh Christmas
Once the Christmas custom orders started to settle down, I had to get busy with decorating my own home. And due to the success of my ebook, Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design, I decided to decorate the outside of my house with deco mesh.

Ideas for Christmas Door Decorations
Most of us tend to put off decorating for Christmas till the last possible weekend before the big week. That is unless you have enthusiastic little kids in the house who wish to see the lights put up pretty much two or three weeks well in advance!

A Pretty Life
Festive Outdoor Trimming!
The decorating over here continues! Recently I completed my step…and truth be told this year I found it a challenge! My post from last year was such a hit that I felt like I needed to up the ante this season.

All Things Thrifty
Outdoor Christmas Ornament DIY …DIH to be exact
This month’s FREE DIH workshop project is so cute and can be made in an afternoon! I loved the ones they shared! However I decided to think outside the box and do things a little different!

Martha Stewart
Glowing Gift Boxes
When it comes to decorative outdoor lighting, let the architecture and landscape of your house — along with your imagination and our ideas — guide you. With little effort, you can give your home extra holiday sparkle. Familiar electric lights are transformed with ease.

Buckets of Grace
Holiday Decorating – DIY
We are in full holiday decorating mode here! Yes, I am one of those who skips over Thanksgiving and goes right to Christmas.

Shanty 2 Chic
DIY $25 Christmas Tree Plant Stand
I wanted something that didn’t take up too much space, but could also give me some height. So… I created these $25 Christmas tree plant stands!

Design The Life You Want To Live
DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls…Wat a Bright Idea!
I can create them, hang them, make them look pretty with lights, but I can’t dream up a REAL name for them yet. I can’t name a grapevine ball to save my life.

The Netz Family
Welcome to day #8 in the “It’s a DIY Christmas” series and link party! If you are just now joining the series, feel free to look around at some of the earlier posts!

Love of Family and Home
Painted “JOY” Sign Tutorial….Pinterest Party With Friends
I know that I am in good company, when I say that I have pinned a million things to my Pinterest boards but have only made a few of them. It’s so easy to “pin” something, but finding the time to follow-through with all the things on my “I Wanna Make This” board is another story!

Cottage in the Oaks
DIY Peace Sign for Christmas…
While I was painting our outdoor furniture with my new best painting friend I took the opportunity to create a fun sign for our front porch….to use during Christmas.

At The Picket Fence
For some reason I am drawn to NOEL. Maybe it’s because it’s the French word for Christmas. Maybe because it first entered our language when my ancestors were still speaking in Middle English, one of my favorite literary periods.

Creative Raisins
Snowman Family
Well it is here again, my favorite time of the year. My Goal this holiday season is to do Twelve holiday crafts, baking or gifts to share with you.

Brooklyn Limestone
Christmas Decorated Stoop
While I’m not quite done decking the halls indoor or out, I am finished with our stoop*, otherwise known as the front staircase. After a quick trip to Lowes I was able to pick up most of the goodies.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint & Furniture
{Christmas 2012 Mantle} – with ornament wreath tutorial
I know that ornament wreaths are nothing new. I remember when i first saw one about 3 years ago (i cant remember the 1st one i saw) – i knew that i had to have one.

Look What I Made
DIY Mason Jar Lantern
As I promised in my big announcement for my new job as a stylist, I’ll share the DIY tutorial here on the blog as well. With even more pictures than in the magazine!

How to Make Ice Lanterns
I made ice lanterns this past weekend with plans to light them on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately it wasn’t cold enough, so I put them out this evening.

Sticks for Stars…
As I mentioned the other day I have a fondness for stars! I love them, not only during the holidays but everyday. And, with my love of stars, comes a lot of star holiday decorations with more added every year.

Make The Best Of Things
Wax Paper Frosted Glass Twinkle Lantern
I named and renamed this post and finally settled on “Wax Paper Frosted Glass Twinkle Lantern,” because nothing else was quite descriptive enough or told how easy this project turned out to be. Also, looks awesome!

DIY Maven
Elegant Ice Cube Luminaries
How to make elegant ice luminaries.

The Crafted Sparrow
The other day I shared my Christmas Mantle, which also had a really cute burlap covered bucket full of DIY Snowballs on the fireplace. When I was planning my holiday decor FloraCraft asked if I’d like to create something.

Mally Kally Creations
DIY: Ornament Wreath
This year I decided I wanted to do a Santa themed wreath. I mulled over doing another peppermint wreath, or maybe a simple Christmas one, but I like to keep it interesting.

Desert Domicile
Home Alone is one of my favorite holiday movies. Fun fact: it was filmed in a suburb North of Chicago, about an hour away from where I grew up!

Lia Griffith
Starry Lights for Starry Nights
Here is a quick and easy way to take a strand of regular string lights and dress them up perfectly for your outdoor entertaining. I love this string light covers project because it is so simple, and most people have at least a strand or two of lights already buried somewhere in their garage.

Lovely Little Snippets
Snowman Family {Guest Post by Tasha}
So I had some extra wood lying around, and my sister and I decided to make a snowman family. They turned out PRETTY cute!

One Creative Mommy
Quick and Easy Terra Cotta Snowman Craft
This Terra Cotta Snowman Craft is so easy, that you’ll be done and moving onto new projects in a snap. You might even have most of the supplies on hand.

Our Nerd Home
DIY Batman Wreath (and other geeky holiday decor)
We posted this project a little too late last year (okay, a lot too late), so wanted to bump it up to the top so you can get started earlier on your Batman wreath this year!

Grillo Designs
This easy DIY snowman wreath tutorial was submitted by Peggy Bond who is a member of our Home Decorating, Upcycling and DIY Facebook group.

Redhead Can Decorate
Pallet Christmas Tree
I wasn’t going to post this “Pallet Christmas Tree” until next month. I honestly thought it would take that long to make. This was so incredibly easy. The hardest part is finding a pallet.

On Sutton Place
Welcome to our Christmas front porch…and Happy Sunday to you all. Before we get started, I’d like to chat for just a minute. Like most of you, I have been wandering around blogland taking Christmas tours.

Between Naps on the Porch
Decorating The Porch For Christmas
One of my favorite places to decorate for Christmas is the front porch. It’s the first “room” friends and family see when visiting , and at Christmastime it’s so much fun to make it feel extra special and inviting.

Glorious Treats
{How-to} Make Giant Lollipop Decorations
Since my daughter’s candy party (back in March) I’ve had lots of questions about the giant lollipops I made as decorations for the front walkway. The idea is not my own, I found many similar lollipops on several different sites as I was gathering ideas for my daughter’s party.

Knuckle Salad
Christmas is for the birds, but not in a bah-humbug way
The birds in our neighborhood have a lot to put up with. It was bad enough when the leaf-blower guy showed up every Monday with his noisy, smelly, gas-guzzling abomination, but here he is on a Friday morning and I can barely hear myself think.

Wildflowers & Pistols
Pallet Wood Christmas Trees
I had seen some Christmas Trees on Pinterest that were made from reclaimed wood and old pallets and I thought they were cute. I wanted to give it a go but wanted to add my own flare to them.

Little Bit Funky
20 minute crafter – make a giant star for less than $5!
Since moving we have a whole new canvas for Christmas decorating this year. There’s a large space above our front door that I wanted to hang a HUGE wreath on…only problem was that a wreath as big as I wanted was at least $60-$70.

Club Chica Circle
Holiday Gift Box Concrete Block Craft with FrogTape®
Today’s craft idea is a really great way to add some fun holiday decor to the outside of your home. I turned simple concrete blocks into a fun holiday gift boxes. And with the help of FrogTape Textured Surface, it was so easy!

Two It Yourself
Large DIY Outdoor Christmas Trees from Tomato Cages
This Christmas I’m taking my front porch up a notch. The icicle lights and wreath are just not gonna cut it this year.

Julie Blanner
It’s that time of year again-the time when the cool breeze begins to blow, the leaves tumble effortlessly through the lawn & I’m the only one writing about fall.

Dishfunctional Designs
Simple Elegant Christmas Decor That You Can Make
We had a lot of snow this weekend here in Pennsylvania, and now the forecast for tomorrow is more of the same! What better time then a snowy day to create something for your home for the holidays like these simple yet beautiful holiday motives?

Smart Girls DIY
On the 7th Day of Christmas… I’m going to show you how to make a cute Danish Nisse out of cedar logs. This craft has become quite popular and is often referred to as “Santa Logs”.

Hoosier Homemade
How to make Light Balls
These Light Balls are sure to WOW your neighbors! They are easy to make with only a couple supplies.

My Six Ring Circus
Hanging Lights on Brick…now SUPER easy!
Last weekend my mom and I spent a couple hours putting lights in our bushes and trees. We wanted some lights on the house but it is a brick home so we weren’t sure how to go about hanging them.

Marty’s Musings
Scrap Wood Christmas Tree
If it’s Christmas it must be time for my husband to be hard at work with another Pinterest project for me!

RaeGun Ramblings
Tutorial: Stripe Merry Days and Silent Nights Sign
So I’ve never been the best at wood painting art but after visiting Poppy Seed Projects a couple weeks ago for their Holiday open house everything looked so darling so I decided to give it another go and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Jill Made It
DIY Simple Wooden Holy Family Nativity
It would be really easy to make one of these for yourself. And who wouldn’t want one of these nativities to decorate their home?

Frugal Mom Eh
I love Christmas! I love decorating and bringing holiday cheer into and outside our home.

The DIY Dreamer
As I explained on Monday, I’ve been working on a fun outdoor Christmas sign to hang outside my front porch. I just couldn’t seem to find an already-made sign that I loved, so I figured why don’t I just make one!

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
Christmas Mailbox Swag
Visit for more inspiration and details.

Mountain Modern Life
Seriously ya’ll this project is so easy and is a fun way to spread some holiday cheer on your porch.

The Frugal Homemaker
DIY Painted Wood Snowman
So here’s what I created with the help of Behr paint this year – a DIY painted wood snowman. Smile Here in the south this may be the only kind of snowman I get to make this winter so I just love him.

My Little Secrets
holiday diy :: black & white ornaments with behr paint {giveaway}
As part of the BEHR Holiday Home Challenge, my fellow BEHR DIY Experts and I were tasked to create a holiday DIY project. Today, I’m so thrilled to share not only my own DIY project but 18 other fabulous projects from 18 other fabulous DIY and lifestyle bloggers!

Sugar Bee Crafts
I love being a part of the BEHR DIY Experts team and the monthly paint projects I get to show off to you guys. This month, we all got together for a Blog Hop around the Exterior Holiday Theme. I made a JOY Holiday Porch Sign and I am really loving it!

Newly Woodwards
Santa Claus front porch decor | Behr Holiday Home Challenge and a Giveaway
In case there’s any question, I am definitely on SANTA’S NICE LIST this year. And to prove it, I put together a simple Santa display on our brand new front porch.

Life at Cloverhill
Ever since we bought the farmhouse last spring, I’ve been daydreaming about how we would decorate it for Christmas.

Decor Adventures
I made these DIY Outdoor Plywood Holiday Trees. I never made outdoor decor for the holidays before and I love them, come see!

Poofy Cheeks
DIY Wooden Christmas Trees
This month BEHR put all of their DIY experts up to a challenge! They asked each of the DIY expert bloggers to create an outdoor holiday decoration.

Liz Marie Blog
Rustic Christmas Porch
Today I wanted to share our porch in our historic rental all decked out for the holidays. I hope you enjoy our rustic Christmas porch!

One Creative Housewife
My Outdoor Christmas Decorations
This weekend I completed our outside decorations. I decided to go with a red and silver theme this year. I am really happy with how it came out!

Lookie What I Did!
A Merry Christmas Welcome…
The cooler weather in Texas is the first indicator that Christmas is just around the corner. The front porch is usually the first thing I decorate, and yes, I do it before Thanksgiving.

Popsicle sticks Olaf (Frozen Snowman)
Popsicle sticks olaf, a popular snowman from the Disney’s best kids movie Frozen. Make a kids friendly winter craft with Popsicle sticks.

Whimsy Love
Snowmen Advent Garland
I had this idea a few months ago, &, I know it’s a bit early to unveil Christmas-y stuff, but sometimes when I craft I just get too excited & hafta share right away!

Infarrantly Creative
Wood Yardstick Star
Laura, from Finding Home, knows how to make anything out of yardsticks – I am convinced.

Our Southern Home
Dollar Tree Snowflakes {Tutorial}
This project is easy peasy and goes with my Dreaming of a White Christmas porch.

Home Stories A to Z
To quote Miles Finch from the movie Elf, “I’ve got one idea that I’m especially psyched out of my mind about. Ya’ know, it’s one of those ideas where you’re just like, YES!” This sums up how I feel about today’s project!

Miss Information Blog
DIY Outdoor Christmas Ornaments
DIY outdoor Christmas ornaments are an easy and festive way to decorate the landscape around your home during the holidays.

Duke Manor Farm
For many years, my sweet husband has talked about hanging stars on the trees outside for the holidays…..this year his wish came true. DIY Outdoor wooden lighted stars. Our very own holiday light show.

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