Top 6 Garage Door Openers of 2016 to Improve Your Security

cool garageThere is so much more to the garage door opener. Most people think it’s just a button that does majority of the work in opening and lifting the garage door, the heaviest moving part of the house. Its sole purpose is to make the garage accessible. However, the garage door opener is also a tool for improving your home’s security. It can add an extra layer of confidence that no one can get into your home.

When choosing a garage door opener, check the security features first. Here are the top six garage door openers of 2016 that are worth taking a look at:

  • Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet. This belt-drive garage door opener features an ultra-quiet operation. It is a complete mix of power and quiet. This is a great option if you have a bedroom directly above the garage. It is also packed with security features such as the PosiLock for theft protection. This ensures that once the garage door is locked, it stays locked. It has a timer-to-close feature that automatically closes the garage door in case you forget. Its Protector System is a safety feature that stops the door closing down if it has made contact to an object. The Chamberlain WD832KEV is equipped with the MyQ technology that allows you to open and close the garage door from anywhere, any time. You can also monitor it through your smartphone.
  • Liftmaster 3585 Elite Series. This garage door opener is the ideal choice for keeping your home secure. It is designed to prevent any lapses that might compromise your home’s security. It boasts of powerful yet quiet operation. Its security and rolling code technology ensures that there’s a new code every time the remote control is used so burglars cannot get in quickly. The PosiLock system ensures that your garage door stays locked once it has been closed. Its safety sensor stops the door from closing if anything interrupts its light beam. It also turns on the opener lights when the beam is broken.
  • Genie ChainLift 800. It has a smooth operation with soft yet reliable stopping and starting. This opener is lightweight and durable that’s strong enough to lift your standard sectional door. It is equipped with the standard garage door safety features, such as the laser beam sensors that stops the door from closing if the connection is broken by an object or a pet. The Genie ChainLift 800 has an IntelliCode system that creates a new code which prevents piracy of radio signals.
  • Decko 24300 Chain Drive. This is easy-to-install garage door opener with a strong and reliable with standard safety features such as the emergency safety release and reverse safety system. The Decko 24300 is designed to withstand intense heat and cold.
  • Sommer Direct Drive ¾ HP. This garage door opener is extremely quiet with no obvious vibrations. It has a secure rolling code technology that ensures that no one can get inside your home without your permission. This creates a unique code every time you use your remote control. Its safety sensor beam automatically reverses the door if the beam is interrupted. Its backup battery lasts long and provides support during long power outages.
  • Craftsman 54900 ¾ HP Chain Drive. This is a powerful garage door opener that is faster and quieter. It is easy to install and is packed with safety and security features. It has a tri-frequency radio system that eliminates interference and ensures that you have the access to your garage even from a great distance. It also has a timer-to-close feature that automatically closes the door once you’ve set a certain time. The Craftsman garage door opener also has a motion detecting wall control that opens the light with every motion sensed.

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  1. A quiet garage door is one of the most underrated parts of life in my opinion. Thanks for the suggestions.

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