Top 4 Genie Garage Door Opener Remotes Reviews and Compatibility

The infusion of smart technologies in most garage door openers persuades many homeowners to replace their old doors to newer models. The functionalities of Genie garage door remote control make life easier. In today’s generation, automation is important so as not to waste precious time and efforts. The opening of every garage door using the latest technologies of Genie products ensures the safety and security not only of your belongings, but also the safety of your family.

The integration of HomeLink and Car2U is a genuine Genie technology that can be easily programmed to any Genie garage door openers.

It can safely open the garage door from the Cr without the help of another remote. Because of the Aladdin Connect that Genie products use, its connectivity will allow you to connect your garage door opener to any compatible device like your smartphone.

1. Genie GITR-3 Remote

Genie GITR-3 390mhz ACSCTG Type intellicode garage door opener

This battery-powered, bowtie-shaped, 3-button garage door opener consists of detailed and well-illustrated simple programming for quicker and easier set up. GITR-3 can open multiple garage doors because it works up to three various Genie intellicode operators. The Genie GITR-3 remote door opener is compatible with GIT390-1, GIT390-4, GICT390, and G3T-BX models. The product is compatible with most Genie remote door openers since it is designed to work with operators using 390MHz.

Because of its easy compatibility with other models, this Genie garage door remote can be used as a replacement for any existing Genie intellicode remotes that are no longer functioning correctly. It comes with a visor clip for easy placement. GIT-3 model has hard plastic buttons which provide both tactile and auditory feedback when pressed. It can also hold up a lot better in car interiors as compared to the rubber ones.

2. Genie G3T-BX 3-Button Visor Size Dual Frequency Remote

Genie G3TBX 3 button visor size dual frequency remote

G3T-BX can work for both 390MHZ and 315MHz frequencies. This 3-button garage door works compatible with all Genie Intellicode (both Intellicode 1 and 2 garage operators) and Overhead Door Code dodger items. It uses a single CR2 alkaline battery cell type. The package also includes a visor clip which is important in car placement.

3. Genie G1T-BX 1-Button Intellicode Remote 315MHz and 390MHz

Genie G1T BX one button intellicode remote 315mhz 390mhz

G1T-BX is designed to work with most Genie Intellicode garage doors. Consists of simple programming, it is easy to program and set up takes only minutes because of its detailed instructions. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time and you’re done. This is one of the latest models of garage doors from Genie which includes a single button for easy operation.

What is good with G1T-BX is its sleek design for easy storage. It also has auto seek dual frequency technology to access and secure signals and avoid interference. And because of its automatic frequency finder, it can improve its overall performance.

Genie G1T-BX works perfectly to both 315 and 390 MHz frequencies. It can also be used as a key-chain remote. It is compatible with the following models: Genie Pro CMD9900-IC, Overhead 990-CD Overdrive as well as Genie Pro PRO95-2-IC.

Ergonomically, the remote is really small that it can easily be wrapped by small hands completely around them. Connectivity range of the G1T-BX is completely satisfying because you can still get strong connections from remote areas of the house.

4. Genie 37337R Remote and Monitor GLRN-R

One of the most improved items in the Genie product line, the 37337R works well with all 2011 IntelliG and TriloG operators. Even if you’re 1/4 mile away, the remote will quickly notify that your door is either open or closed with its built-in LED lights. Green light will flash accompanied with a chirping sound to notify that you have hit the OPEN button. The item has the unique ability to give you alerts both in audio and visual signals.

Genie 37337R remote and monitor GLRN-R

Installation of the item is super easy. All you need to do is plug in the adapter before programming the buttons of the remote and you’re raring to go. It is compatible to work with Genie Excelerator II. Genie 37337R only uses AAA batteries which is already included in the package.

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