Digi-Code Garage Door Opener Devices Basic How-To Setup

digicode garage door opener and accessoriesDigiCode is an all-American brand and manufacturer of access control devices for garage door openers and gate operators. They produce transmitters, mini-transmitters, keypads, receivers, and other accessories. Every product from them is proudly made in the United States of America.

The brand boasts of the best quality while being competitively priced. They are consistent in developing reliable products coupled with excellent customer service. Their line of radio controls are compatible with the usual opener brands, such as MultiCode, Linear, Stanley, and others.

If you are purchasing a Digi-Code garage door opener accessory for your home, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Setting Up Your Digi-Code Radio Controls

The radio control is designed to regulate remotely your garage door from your vehicle. Digi-Code gives you trouble-free service throughout the years of use.

  • Install the receiver. The receiver of the radio control is usually mounted directly on the operator. To mount it, just loosen the screws on the operator and insert the lugs under the screws. Finally, tighten the screws.
  • Access the code switches. Slide off the slide switch hatch to open the receiver. You can use a coin to disengage the lower part of the transmitter’s case. Once this is removed, you can easily see the code switches and the battery compartment. For some other models, the cases are held together by a screw. You might need to remove the screw to access the switches and compartment.
  • Set the code switches. Once you purchase a radio control it is already set with even switches in the ON position. It is advisable to change the codes when you are ready to use it. Just use a pen or a pencil to slide the code switch to either on or off. Make sure that the combination is not common. Just don’t copy the original combination that your radio control with.
  • Match the switch combinations. Set the transmitter code to match with the switches in your radio controls. It can also be the other way around.
  • Test it. Check if the radio control works by moving back a few feet and pressing the transmitter. Try out different locations and positions to ensure that it works from various ranges.

Setting Up Your Mounted Exterior Keypad

This device runs with battery and operates the Digi-Code receiver or the Stanley garage door opener through a four-digit PIN code. In setting up the mounted exterior keypad, you will need the following tools: 1/8” drill bit, pencil, flathead screwdriver, and measuring tape.

  • Install the keypad. When installing your keypad, find a spot that will not interfere with the normal operation of the garage door. Use your pencil to mark the spot and drill holes right below your mark. Tighten screws right into the holes and hang the unit on the screws. Remove the battery cover to see the second screw and drill another hole for it. Tighten the screw and replace the battery cover.
  • Program your Digi-Code receiver. Follow the instructions above to program your receiver. Once this is done, press the Radio Learn button twice and the light will come on. Press the numbers that represent the closed switches on your keypad and press the Radio Learn button once. Check if you’ve properly programmed the radio code by entering the factory PIN code. This should operate the receiver.
  • Program your new PIN code. Press the Access Learn button twice to turn on the light. Enter the default PIN code (1-2-3-4), then your new PIN code. Press the Access Learn button again to turn off the light. This should signal that your new code has been accepted by the device.

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