Straight to the Point Tutorial: How to Replace Garage Door Opener in 5 Super Easy Steps

replacing garage door

Although garage door openers are built to last, it is important to keep in mind that these do not last forever. You will encounter a few issues with some broken parts. The entire opener might even finally reach its limit after years of doing its work. When problems are already unresolvable, that’s when you need to replace your garage door opener.

Ensure that you are choosing the right garage door opener. Match it with your home’s needs and with your family’s lifestyle. You might need to invest a little on your new opener if you are looking into a better one that’s packed with features. However, work with your budget and get one that suits your garage door.
After purchasing a new opener, unplug and remove the old unit. Check how the electrical cables were wired to your motor and the settings on the sensors so you can replicate it. Start the assembly by gathering your basic tools such as Philips head screw driver, socket wrenches, flathead screwdriver, and a ladder.

Replace it by following these easy steps :

• Assemble the rail trolley. The assembly is quick and easy.

rail trolley - garage door

It is very similar to playing with Legos as a kid. Just connect every piece of the rail together and add the other metal bits that are also important parts of the trolley. You need not worry since everything is listed down on the manual.

• Connect the trolley to the motor.

connect to the garage motor

Remove the two top bolts on top of the new motor and screw it back with the trolley. Screw in bolts and nuts as per instructed by the manual on the trolley.

• Install the belt/chain.

install the belt chain

Attach the belt or chain inside the trolley depending on the kind of garage opener that you got. Screw the pulley and the nuts and bolts needed to keep the belt or chain in place. Take the belt or chain around the trolley and into the opener motor’s sprocket. Then, attach the belt or chain to the shaft.

• Dismount the old trolley and garage door opener from the ceiling.

dismount trolley from the ceiling

If you haven’t done this earlier, then dismount the old garage door opener and trolley after you finish assembling the new one. For some, you may skip this step, especially if you just want to remove the opener and attach the new one. Others might want an entire new system for their garage.

• Install the new opener and the other accessories.

Once you have dismounted the old opener, screw the new brackets and connect the trolley. Make sure that you elevate the new motor with a table, ladder, or step stool. Install the arms on the trolley and attach the opposite end to your garage door. Screw the arms in place by inserting the bolt through the holes on your garage door and on the arms. Next, mount the wall control pad of the new opener and wire them properly. Connect the wires from the wall controller to the opener. Install the safety eyes just below six inches from the floor. Make sure that both the receiving and sending eyes are about the same level. Screw them in place, wire them up, and connect them to the opener. Finish up the wiring and installing the light bulbs on your opener.

After successfully installing the new garage door opener, hook up your opener to the power outlet. Do not forget to make the proper adjustments to the opening and closing travel. Once you have adjusted and programmed the door motion, test out your garage door opener to see if everything works as it should. Test the wall control keypad. Now, you may now go about with programming your remote control and use your new opener.

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