What is the Quality of Stingray Garage Remotes?

Garage remotes play an important role in the day-to-day life of a homeowner. Getting off to work or anywhere is easier with an automatic garage door opener so you do not have to manually open or close your garage door. Remotes are handy as this lets you open your door within a certain radius so it’s more convenient.

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Although most garage door opener kits already come with a specified remote, some brands are known to have better quality than others. Universal garage door remotes are often built better than the kit remotes.

Stingray as a Brand

Stingray is known for producing high quality garage door remotes. It is known for providing transmitter solutions to the market. Their remotes are all made to replace old, broken, or lost garage door opener remotes. They also replace discontinued models.

Their remotes are designed to eliminate the interference. Stingray is an affordable brand yet have most durable and high quality remotes in the market today.

Every product from Stingray, whether it is programmable or dip switch, is designed for compatibility to specific receivers. These are also matched to the specific wireless technology used, buttons, and frequency so you get the remote control that you need. They also have custom and affordable solutions to suit the needs in your area.

Stingray Remotes

These garage remotes from Stringray are designed to replace remotes from top garage door opener brands. These offer longer frequency range compared to other brands. The Stingray remotes are also more durable and sleek. So you don’t just get a good quality remote, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. These come in visor and keychain size versions that are handy. They match a variety of brands and models so you can find one that suits your needs.The remotes have long battery-life and comes in different colors.

Finding a Stingray Remote for You

To find a Stingray remote for your own garage door opener, you need to check the model numbers in order to find the one that’s compatible to the brand that you have. Stingray remotes vary depending on the brand, model, and frequency that they are compatible with. Check with your opener’s manual, the specific model that you have and what kind of transmitters it is compatible with. You can also check with your local home improvement store with the Stingray remote models that they have available. Make sure that you have this all checked out before making a purchase.

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