The Introduction of Stanley’s Garage Door Openers

Have you ever thought about changing some things in your garage? You know, organizing those garden tools or storing those Christmas decorations from last year or buying an automatic garage door? Why not make your life easier? Automatic garage doors are the rad! You don’t have to come out of your car in the cold rain just to manually open your garage door! What’s neat about this automatic garage doors is that they can be remotely controlled. Oh yes! Just with a push of a button, your garage doors will automatically open up for you. The Stanley garage door openers are the perfect choice for your purchase! They offer garage door remotes, key chain remotes which is ideal for you to carry around, the keypad for the added protection and the receivers. Of course, you can’t just use your remote without the receivers. They receive the signal from your remote to open up your garage door.

Let me tell you more about their awesome products.

Stanley Garage Door Remotes

There are actually two types of remotes. The Dip switch style and the rolling code or the secure code style remote.

1. The Dip Switch Style

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If you’re using this type of remote, you’ll find 10 toggle switches in the battery compartment to set your code that will allow you to open and close your garage door.

2. The Rolling Code or The Secure Code Style Remote

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If you’re using the secure code remotes, there’s a learn button in place of the dip switches to set your code.

Stanley Keychain Remotes

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There are actually on 4 available types of keychain remotes as there are only two types of remotes. The cheapest one starts at $12.90 and the most expensive one is worth $35. It’s not really expensive considering the convenience and the comfort you experience every day.

Stanley Keypad

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The Stanley wireless keypad is an exterior mounted keypad that functions essentially like a remote. It runs on 310 MHz frequency and it’s a convenient keyless system that you can easily install in your garage. This keypad though is only compatible with Stanley garage doors with 10 dip switch setting and not the rolling code. It features a keyless entry system and a backlit keypad for night time use and it is weather proof, of course!

Stanley Receivers

Stanley only offers two types of receivers and they both operate on dip switches to set the code. The Stanley 1099-50 receiver 12-24 volt is at $34.95 and the Stanley 201906 is priced at $45.

1. Stanley 1099-50 receiver

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Because this operates on a dip switch, you have to access the battery compartment to set your code. This is a gate or garage door opener that runs on 300/310MHz with a coaxial antenna for broader range which makes this perfect for use with gate openers that has metal covers. The metal wouldn’t mess with the signals with this receiver.

2. Stanley 201906

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As with the Stanley 1099-50 receiver, this too also operates on a dip switch. You still need to access the battery compartment to set your code. This runs on 310MHz and this is also ideal for access gates as well. This receiver is also compatible with the old wiring format, that has 5 pairs of wires and you can install this in any automatic garage door opener. It also comes with three connecting prongs for easy installation.

Stanley Replacements Parts

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The beauty of Stanley’s products is that they carry replacements also. They have available capacitors and visor clips as well as a case for the Stanley 1050C. They even offer a safety beam sensor for those garage door openers that are equipped with infrared eye beam. This safety sensor is compatible for all 1993-2000 operators with the Safety Sensor option.

And the best part of all? All their products carry a one year warranty. Isn’t that awesome? So what are you waiting for? Install these babies for your ultimate garage convenience!

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  1. I have got to say that these guys are the perfect choice for when it comes to garage door remotes. I had one for years with no problems.

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