Actionable Steps to Setup Your Stanley 49477 and 1097 Remotes

Remotes for the garage door openers are necessary today. As home automation is becoming a common thing, a homeowner cannot go without a garage door opener remote.

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A single home might need one or more remotes depending on the number of cars and the people driving. This gives everyone access to the home and also adds security.

The Stanley 49477 and 1097

If you have Stanley garage door openers, the best remotes to match are those from Stanley as well. The Stanley 49477 and the 1097 are multiple-button remotes that work with your Stanley garage door openers.

The 49477 is a secure remote with three buttons. It is a mini keychain remote that does not use any dip switches to program and set. The 1097, on the other hand, is a four-button remote with binary switch coding. It is only compatible with Stanley openers that has 310MHz frequency.

How to Setup Your Stanley 49477 Remote

The Stanley 49477 is compatible with all Stanley garage door openers. Its one-touch programming makes it a really easy to setup.

In programming this multi-functional remote, you need to locate and press the remote button found on your garage door opener. This usually has the R letter printed on the button. The LED light found on top of the button will come on. This indicates that the power unit is on and is now on learning mode. Other models might have the learn buttons instead of the remote button.

After this, press your preferred button on your remote. The lights on the opener will blink twice and go off. Press the same button on your remote to activate the garage door opener. This completes the programming process.

Remember to test your remote after you finish programming. This ensures that you have done it properly. If you have another remote, you need to program it again with the garage door opener.

How to Setup Your Stanley 1097 Remote

This remote comes with a visor clip that you can keep in your car. The Stanley 1097 uses the 10-position dip switch format that provides 512 possible codes for every channel. It will only activate if the receiver is set with the same code as the opener. This remote is only compatible with Stanley garage door openers with the 310 MHz frequency.

In programming the 1097 remote, access the code switch which you can find in the remote. The entire lower half of the remote can be accessed by inserting a small coin in the slot. Once it is removed, you can find the code switches and the battery compartment inside the remote.

After this, you can already set your codes to match with your Stanley garage door opener. Make sure you do this before using your remote to prevent it from interfering with the neighbor’s systems and to provide security to your home.

Set the receiver code to match your transmitter. Since the Stanley 1097 has 10 positions, match the 1-8 switch positions on your Side A code switches with the transmitter. On the 9th switch position, set both the remote and the transmitter into the closed position and the 10th switch into open position. This will work on your first remote.

If you have a second or additional remotes to program, you may need to set them differently from the first one. On the second remote, follow the 1-9 switch positions on your transmitter on the remote’s Side A code switches. Set the 10th switch on the remote to the closed position. For your third remote, set the Side B switch positions to match the 1-8 switches on the remote. Set the 9th and 10th switches to the open position still for the Side B switches.

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