Top 8 Skylink Remotes for Your Home Garage

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Skylink Visor Clip Remote

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This universal remote control is compatible with most garage door openers having a dual in-line package switch. It could operate within a range of up to 100 feet. A single or a dual button option is available for one or two door garage. It has an easy to program visor clip. It has two simple steps.

Skylink Keychain Remote G6 Series

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This universal remote control comes in a two or four button option. It could function as a keychain or as a visor clip. It works in conjunction with the Smart Button to create encrypted codes for better security.

Skylink Keychain Remote MK Series

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This has a one-, two-, or three- button option to operate the garage door. It helps you have a peace of mind as it provides security with optional passcode protection. It could be programmed by creating a three- to five- button passcode that HS to be entered before the remote can function.

Skylink Keyless Entry System

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This can be programmed with a four to six digit passcode. The garage door opener activates when the passcode has been entered. Being wireless makes the device easy to install. At night, the keypad could easily be used as it is backlit. It also comes with a weatherproof cover to protect it from the environment.

Skylink 39 Universal Garage Door Visor Remote Control

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It is compatible with most national brand garage door openers manufactured since 1975. This fits in most of the new car housing for the remote compartments. Has an operational range of up to 100 feet if it is in an open area. You may clip this on your sun visor.

Universal Remote Control MF Series

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This works with any garage door opener brands and gives you convenience and security in accessing your garage and home. This comes with a receiver and a works with any Wall Button/ Wall Console of any brand. It could generate unique encrypted codes FOE enhanced security. It has an operating range of up to150 ft. in an open area.

3- Button Keychain Remote, LK-318-3

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This is a very handy remote control and has a long range of operation; it is up to 300 feet in an open area. With its multi button transmitter, you may choose different buttons to control different applications. It has a pre-installed in long life lithium 2032 battery. It only works with SkylinkHome wireless controls. Its 3 button remote provides password protection.

Garage Door Conversion Kit, 318TR

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This works with most garage door opener brands. It has a one year warranty. Since there is no need for special tools to install the product, it could be done by you. Its design is based on a keychain style and included in the package is a long-life alkaline battery. There are two compact sized button transmitters that operate two garage doors. An additional garage door receiver is required if you wish to have a second door.

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