SilentMax LED Connect Smart Bundle Garage Door Opener Full Review & Remote Compatibility

With the hopes of developing a better sense of security and convenience in people’s homes nowadays, there has been an increasing trend of integrating smart technology into home devices. One of the most useful smart home devices that have been integrated into many lives in this era of technology is the smart garage door opener.

Considering the wide array of smart garage door openers offered in the market, you might find making a good purchase difficult and risky since buying and installing a smart garage door opener is not just a decision you simply make with inadequate information. Investing in this smart home device requires an informed choice for it offers you unconditional and constant access to your garage door from anywhere, contributing a lot to the security in your home as well as your family’s safety. So, before spending a hundred dollars or more for a smart opener to help ease your mind whenever you are away from home, make sure that you find the best product for you.

If you are looking for a new smart garage door opener to replace your old one or to install in your home, the SilentMax LED Connect Smart Bundle Garage Door Opener is perfect for you because it is one of the best smart garage door openers you can find in the market.

This is considered top of the line for WiFi-connected, smartphone app-integrated garage door openers because of the following features:

• Sleek Design

It is a fact that aside from the considerations of security and a good location, everyone also values the importance of their home’s design. The slim industrial design of this product which measures only 5 inches tall, maximizing both headroom and style, addresses both security and visual aesthetic concerns that you may be thinking about in choosing the best smart garage door opener for your home.

• Fast and Easy Installation

Like most of the Genie smart garage door opener products, this requires no additional hardware for assembly. This also comes with detailed instructions to help you install it quickly and with ease.

• Durable and Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive

The Genie SilentMax LED Connect Smart Bundle Garage Door Opener comes with the standard steel-reinforced belt drive that provides extremely quiet operation, ideal if your garage is attached to living spaces. This belt drive system also guarantees strength and durability of your garage door opener.

• Improved Security

This product is designed with the Genie Safe-T-Beam garage door safety sensors that ensure your family’s safety with an infrared beam of light that crosses the garage door opening. Additionally, it also features the Genie Intellicode Security Technology that secures your home with rolling-code technology, by changing the access code from billions of combinations. Lastly and most importantly, this Smart bundle includes a compact Wyze 1080p WiFi camera that helps improve the safety and security to your garage.

• Smart Compatibility

The Genie SilentMax LED Connect Smart Bundle Garage Door Opener includes a built-in Aladdin Connect smartphone connectivity, which you can use not only to check whether your garage door is open or closed, but also to know when someone is operating your garage door, to open and close the garage door for anyone such as a delivery or repair person, and to have a history for each opener of when the door was used. Additionally, this Smart bundle allows the integration of your smart connected garage door opener and the Wyze 1080p garage monitoring WiFi camera with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control your smart garage door opener from anywhere. With these smart compatibility options, you are certain to have peace of mind whenever you’re far from home.

• Garage Door Accessories

This smart bundle garage door opener also comes with more accessories to help enhance the security of your garage. These include an integrated LED illumination system that provides super bright soft white light in all directions, two (2) pre-programmed 3-button garage door opener remotes, a wireless keyless keypad, and a multi-function wall console (control panel) with independent light control, and vacation lock.

• Lifetime Warranty

The Genie SilentMax LED Connect Smart Bundle Garage Door Opener features limited lifetime motor and belt warranty. Furthermore, precision machined motor and gearbox are greased and factory sealed from the environment for long-lasting, reliable performance guaranteed for the life of the operator.

Ultimately, the combination of Wi-Fi connectivity, LED lighting, ultra-quiet belt drive, and Wyze camera makes the Genie SilentMax LED Connect Smart Bundle Garage Door Opener one of the most feature-packed garage door openers in the Genie garage door opener lineup. An additional feature that you may be interested in is HomeLink compatibility with Car2U integration that requires no additional hardware. In essence, this bundle provides a more improved overall performance in ensuring the safety and security of your home with a variety of control options you can easily and conveniently make use of.

If your Genie SilentMax LED Connect Smart Bundle Garage Door Opener remote gets lost or if you just moved into a house with the same smart garage door opener model, you can simply purchase the Genie G3T-R 3-Button Remote. This features Intellicode Security Technology that ensures the safety of your home by rolling code technology that changes the access code from billions of combinations. Moreover, this is designed with auto-seek dual frequency that allows you to access strong, secure signals to minimize interference and its overall performance. This easily programmable remote can be used to operate up to 2 openers manufactured from 1995 to present. The Genie G3T-R 3-Button garage door opener remote comes with visor clip, battery, instructions and a 12-month factory warranty.

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