Easy Lessons for Sears Craftsman Garage Remotes

This article is written by Kristy Jones of aclickawayremotes.com a Garage Door Opener Store.

The Sears Craftsman garage door opener is among the most preferred openers for many homeowners. This is already a must-have in this modern world where everyone wants the easy way. Gone are the days when you have to get off your car just to open the garage door. Although this nifty gadget provides a lot of convenience for many homeowners, you might encounter a lot of problems with in down the road.

If you have a Sears Craftsman remote for your garage door opener, you might want to keep in mind these tips and tricks. These might help you along the road when you encounter problems from your remote.

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  • Some use the CR2032 battery. Most of the other remote controls for garage door openers are powered by the regular AA or AAA batteries. However, the Craftsman remotes use the CR2032 button-cell lithium battery. You might not have this type of battery lying around your house like the regular batteries. Remember that these batteries do not come with your remote. So, purchase the batteries for your new remote ahead of time.


  • Always have backup batteries. Since the Craftsman remotes use button-cell batteries, these might not be readily available at home. Ensure that you have backups just so you have some handy in case of emergencies. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a garage door that doesn’t respond in the middle of the night.


  • It’s not your remote; there must be a blockage. Sometimes, when your Craftsman door doesn’t work or respond to your remote, there must be something that’s blocking the door. An object along the path of the opener or along the sensors will keep the door from responding no matter how hard you are pressing the remote. Check out the pathway and clean the sensors to ensure that these aren’t causing you problems.


  • Reprogram your garage door opener. If your Craftsman remote does not respond or work, maybe the opener has an issue. To resolve this problem, reprogram the opener and delete all the stored codes in the motor. This resets the garage door opener so you can already setup the remotes on your opener. However, if you encountered problems with only one remote, you might need to program the other remotes that you have setup with the specific opener. This can be a tad bit of a hassle. Good read here.


  • Replace the remote properly. Once your Craftsman remote stopped working and you replaced it with fresh batteries but this still didn’t do the trick, you might need to replace the remote control. Ensure that you have the part number of the remote and the model number of the garage door opener that you have. Craftsman remotes are not interchangeable and will not work all garage door openers so you need to be specific.


  • Never leave your remote anywhere. Treat your remote as an extension of your life. Never leave it inside your car or anywhere else. This is a recipe for disaster as anyone with your remote can open your garage and steal your valuables without any hitches. Always carry it with you whenever you are out and about.

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