How to Get Started with Sears Craftsman Garage Door Openers


It is a nightmare to get out of your car in bad weather. You would get drenched and have to manually open your garage door and quickly get inside your car and towards the garage. This can be a total hassle especially if you are in a hurry.

To make your daily driving easier, a garage door opener should do the trick. This nifty tool allows you to open your garage door automatically with a quick press of a button. There’s no need to get out of your car just to find yourself soaking wet. This makes daily driving easier and is a good investment for your home.

You have a wide range of choices available for a garage door opener. If you are planning on getting a Craftsman garage door opener, your local Sears might be your best option.

Craftsman as a Brand

The brand’s journey started as with any maker. It is a trusted brand when it comes to tools for 87 years. The brand started with essential tools for every handyman. The brand has since expanded into hand tools, gears, power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and garage and storage equipment.
Craftsman continues to cultivate the maker culture by providing a curated feed of interesting projects. It is a trusted name when it comes to garage door openers in the US.

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Craftsman Garage Door Openers for Every Lifestyle

Craftsman’s garage door openers are perfect for the handyman. These are easy to setup and includes the best settings and features for your needs. These garage door openers are also safe and secure to give you that peace of mind every time you leave home or sleep.

Craftsman garage door openers are ideal for the do-it-yourself type of homeowner who wants to build and setup on his own. However, you can also have your Craftsman garage door opener installed by professional Sears Installation Services.

There’s a wide range of selection of garage door openers from Craftsman. To start off your journey towards a convenient home life, identify your home and your personal needs. You must evaluate the lifestyle that you have in order to pick out the right garage door opener for you.

A garage opener has different drive types. If you are looking for durability and great value, the Craftsman chain drive garage door opener is for you. This garage door opener works the same way as the chain on your bicycle. This is also the best-selling platform for Craftsman. If you want a quieter garage door opener that doesn’t create a fuss to your home, then the belt drive is for you. This utilizes a steel-reinforced rubber belt.

Find out Your Specific Needs

It is essential to match your garage door opener to your garage and home needs. A larger and heavier garage door would require a more powerful garage door opener. The Craftsman ¾ HP 54990 chain drive garage door opener or the Craftsman 1 HPS 55918 belt drive garage door opener might do the trick. Both of these garage door openers are powerful and faster than the Craftsman ½ HP garage door openers which makes these two ideal for frequent use.

The Craftsman ¾ HP 54990 has a simple user interface and is easy to install. It is equipped with safety and security features. This model also has a unique system that ensures quieter operation and an anti-burglary technology to secure your garage.

The 1 HPS 55918 belt drive garage door opener, on the other hand, has added power with a quiet belt operation. You get that extra peace of mind with its battery backup and AssureLink app (itunes / android) that alerts you of the status of your garage door.

You can choose Craftsman garage door openers that are equipped with extra features that you enjoy. These are usually battery backup, remotes, keyless entry pad, motion detector, and an AssureLink Gateway. You can check the included features and accessories before you make a purchase to ensure you’re getting the things that you need.

Garage Door Opener Accessories

If you’re one who enjoys extra features for your garage door opener, then you should check out Craftsman garage door opener accessories for your system of choice. Purchasing accessories is an investment that you can make for a more comfortable, convenient, and secure garage.

Craftsman garage door opener accessories include visor remote control and other remote controls, keyless entry pads, light controls, garage door monitors, rail extensions, connectivity hubs, clearance brackets, emergency release, and belt drive extension kits.

In case you need additional security, a garage door monitor will do the trick. This gives you the peace of mind by letting you monitor your garage door from inside your home. With this accessory, you can monitor and close up to garage doors. It also alerts you when the door is left open so you can sleep comfortably at night.

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