What are Safety Beams Sensors For Garage Doors

Safety beam sensors for garage doors
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The garage door opener is a system that is composed of various parts and features in order to work together cohesively. Different garage door opener models usually have different parts and features. All these parts help in making a robust and effective device.

One of the important parts of the garage door opener is the safety beam sensor. Some homeowners who have had their garage door openers for years often don’t know what these sensors are for.

Mandated Safety Beam Sensors

Garage door openers are used to operate the largest and the heaviest moving object in your home. The garage door can be a dangerous object, especially when it accidentally falls down on you or on your car. Because of this, the modern garage door openers are already equipped with safety features to ensure that the door doesn’t fall on anything or anyone. The federal government has mandated that these features are required for all of the manufactured garage door openers.

The law was introduced in the 1990s, so this feature has been out for more than 20 years.

How Do Safety Beam Sensors Work?

The main function of the safety beam sensor is to make sure that there is nothing blocking in the way of the garage door when it’s closing. The beam sensors are located on the bottom part of each side of the garage door. One of the sensors sends the infrared beam while the other one receives it.

The safety beam sensors or the safety eyes have to “see” each other for them to work. This means that the infrared beam that goes in between both sensors have to be uninterrupted. If the beam is blocked in any way, the garage door will reverse. The motor will stop its downward action and reverse the door to prevent it from crushing any object that is on its way.

When the Safety Beam Sensors Fail or Malfunction

There will come a time when the safety beam sensors stop working. The sensors might start malfunctioning and the lights will continuously blink. The garage door will reverse and not close properly if the sensors are malfunctioning. If it is not working, the lights on the motor will blink and the remote won’t work.

This might be caused by an obstruction or misaligned and dirty sensors. Make sure that you rule out any of these causes first. If your sensor still does not work accordingly, then you might need to replace them. This problem has to be fixed right away to prevent accidents from happening.

Replacing Safety Beam Sensors

If you think the safety beam sensors on your garage door opener are not working, you need to test them out first. To do so, connect them directly to the motor using short wires. Hold the sensors close together while they face each other. If the lights on the motor blink and the remote doesn’t respond, then maybe it’s time to replace your safety beam sensors.

To start replacing your sensors, make sure that you have disconnected the power supply. Remove the sensors by removing the wing nut on the safety beam sensors and pulling the sensors out from the bracket. Cut the wires from the sensors but ensure that you have enough allowance so you can easily connect the new sensor.

Add the new safety sensors by wiring in the new safety beam sensors into the garage door opener system. Just connect the black-striped wire to the corresponding black-striped wire on the safety sensor with your crimp wire nut. Then, connect the white-striped wires. Do the same thing on the other sensor.

Install both of the new sensors into its respective brackets and secure them with the wire nuts.

Plug your garage door opener and align the sensors to ensure that these are working accordingly. Test the safety sensors by placing a small object along the beam. Close the door and it should reverse once it reaches the object.

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