A Complete Study of Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

With vehicles becoming more of a necessity than a luxury in every aspect of society, garages have become mandatory. Whether you are just a simple homeowner or a businessman, you will need a garage for your vehicles. It has become a prominent part of every home or commercial development.

Garage doors are those that open to a garage, either manually or automatically. These are large doors that accommodate vehicles and other automobiles. They come in various types, sizes, and materials, depending on the use.

There are two major types of garage doors available today. The first is the residential garage door and the next is the commercial garage door. Each has its own corresponding use and features that makes it perfect for use.

Residential Garage Door

This is a common garage door that we see almost everywhere. As the name suggests, this door is made for homes. It is usually the heaviest moving part in the home and would weigh around 400 pounds or more depending on the size and material.

Residential Garage Door

This can be easily purchased at the local home improvement shop and can also be easily installed. There are a lot of different manufacturers of garage doors which allows homeowners to have a variety of options.

Residential garage doors also come in different types and materials, depending on your lifestyle, needs, and the area where you’re living.

  • Material. There are different materials for the garage door. Traditionally, there is the wooden door that comes in a range of designs. This is a sturdy material but will require regular maintenance. If this is a costly option, you can go for veneers that give you the look of wood for a lower cost. Aluminum is an affordable door that’s low-maintenance, rust-proof, and lightweight. Unfortunately, this is prone to denting and are not energy efficient. Steel doors, on the other hand, are sturdy and very common. These have different styles and sizes but tends to rust once scratched. Fiberglass doors are usually composite units. These tend to be more durable compared to wood and metal but are more expensive.
  • Style. A garage door’s style needs to match the overall architecture of the home. You either want your home to blend in or pop out, depending on your house’s style. For a more traditional home, it is acceptable to go for a door that disappears. Modern homes usually have the freedom to choose a unique design. Victorian or colonial styles are those that have a coach look and usually come in paneled wood. These also have divided light windows that are coordinated with the house’s windows. Edwardian style doors have raised sections with divided light windows that complement your home’s windows. Modern doors have the most design freedom with various options, be it stained wood, pebbled glass, and frosted among others. The 50s ranch style door has a plain and simple finish with horizontal emphasis and wooden slats. It also has a simple hardware that balances the home’s exterior.
  • Details. The details of your garage door matter. This adds character to your home and customizes the look of your garage door. The paneling can either be square or rectangular depending on how you want your garage door to look like. The decorative hardware and strapping can add a country or coach look to your garage.

There are also other aspects of the residential garage door that a homeowner should consider. This includes the installation, insulation, safety, and security. Having a door that can either be professionally installed or done yourself is something to ponder, especially if you do not have the time to do it by yourself.

Commercial Garage Door

Commercial garage doors are larger and sturdier compared to their residential counterparts. This is because of their use for either industrial, agricultural, or general commercial needs.

There are also different types of commercial garage doors depending on its style and use.

  • Sectional doors. These doors are appropriate for when your focus is security and thermal efficiency. They operate smoothly and quietly but need a significant headroom. This is type of commercial garage door is usually used for loading docks. This is a popular commercial garage door that is lifted through different track systems.
  • Sheet doors. This is an affordable commercial garage door that can be easily installed. This low-cost door comes in various options and colors. It can be covered in blanket for energy efficiency.
  • Fire doors. These are fire-rated doors that are best for industries where fire safety is crucial. This has the same construction as the rolling doors but are used in facilities that require a fire door in a fire wall.
  • Rolling doors. This is the preferred garage door for industries that demand security and durability. They require minimal headroom since these are thinner compared to sectional doors. These are able to fit in small spaces where the sectional garage doors won’t fit. It is usually made of interlocking slats that wind around a barrel.
  • High-performance doors. These commercial garage doors are usually made of durable vinyl sheets. These are suitable for frequent use and are also low-maintenance.

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