5 Issues that You Might Need to Replace your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door is one of the most frequently used mechanical equipment in your home. With this very important piece of equipment, which gives you access to a large entrance to your property, comes your garage door opener. Like most people, you may be taking for granted the convenience of having a garage door opener that basically allows you to efficiently operate your garage door with just a touch of a button. Come to think of it, you probably open and close your garage door a hundred times a month, making it roughly a thousand times every year. Considering this frequency of use, it is not surprising that you would need to repair or even replace your garage door opener in the future.

Replace your Garage Door Opener
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The average lifespan of a typical garage door opener is more or less about 10 to 15 years. Moreover, the actual lifespan of this equipment of yours is affected by several factors: workload, frequency of use, and maintenance. As an operator, what you could do to make it last as long possible is to keep up with professional maintenance such as lubrication of its moving parts, door balance, reversal test, visual inspection of the springs, rollers, cables, track and pulleys, to name a few.

However, despite keeping up with constant maintenance and doing minor repairs, you cannot fully prevent your garage door opener from being worn down. Given that this equipment has a vital role in ensuring the safety of your family and your property with much convenience, it is necessary for you to know the warning signs that indicate the need for you to replace your garage door opener.

Pay close attention to your garage door opener.

If you happen to notice these five common issues, you might need to consider having a smarter, safer upgrade.

1. Vibration

If you have heard vibrations from your opener, you might think it is simply harmless but it is actually something that you should watch for in a worn out garage door opener. Older motors with worn out armatures or bent shafts tend to vibrate inside their housings. If you happen to notice the opener mounts shaking loose, it is a sign that the damage is severe enough. And before any serious component failure occurs such as your vibrating opener breaking free from the ceiling attachment and falling on the roof of your car, you have to consider purchasing a new one.

2. Excessive and unusual noise

Besides the disturbance it causes in your home, unusual noise from your opener is a sign that you should replace your old one. Usually, old garage door openers are designed with bicycle-like chains that are not capable of keeping noise at tolerable levels, and you will find that the older it gets, the worse it will disturb your household. If you notice any new and excessive noise in your opener including creaking, squeaking or clanking, it is likely that your opener’s drive chains and electric motor are nearing their end.

3. Sluggish movement or detachment

It is normal for garage doors to not move at extreme speeds because of its potential danger for anyone around it. But, if you notice that your garage door is moving slower when rising and closing than it did in the beginning, this can be a warning sign that your opener is having difficulty in lifting the weight of the door and needs urgent replacement. If you fail to do so, the worst thing that could happen is that your garage door will detach from your opener and free-fall to the floor, causing more danger for the people in your home, especially for children or pets.

4. Random and intermittent operation

When you find that your opener is opening and suddenly reversing your garage door, this is a sign of faulty electronics. You may opt to have a technician repair your old machine, but it is almost always better to replace the whole unit than to spend time and money for something that will potentially malfunction again due to old age.

Unresponsive and intermittent operation is also a common warning of a worn down opener. This is also a cause for more worry since you never know when your door will respond to the push of a button. If you notice that your garage door fails to sync with your opener, it would be better and safer for you to install a new, high-tech unit.

5. Lack of reliability

If for some instances, you find your opener not operating dependably, it is crucial that you replace it immediately. The point of having a garage door opener, aside from its convenience, is that it ensures the security of your home. If it fails to operate efficiently and more importantly, if it poses a security concern, you most definitely need to consider new options with more advanced security features.

If these issues are fortunately not yet noticeable in your garage door opener, you might still want to consider getting an upgrade. Nowadays, you will find that the most recently manufactured garage door openers come with smart technology that can improve the overall security of your home. Purchasing a new opener with more safety features and smart compatibility is sure worth the investment for the relief of security of your own and your family.

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