How to Play Jukebox from Your Phone Using the TouchTunes App

Music often is considered the soul of man. Whether you are having a good time or a bad day, you probably have a song in mind. This is especially true when you are out and about with friends.

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Jukeboxes in venues have been around for decades. These are placed in bars and restaurants so customers can pick a song that they like to play. This not only sets the mood in a place but also brings people together.
In today’s digital age, the jukeboxes have become digitized and control has also become very remote and convenient. People can now have access to jukeboxes through their phones.

TouchTunes Jukeboxes

These jukeboxes are available in different venues so you’re sure to find one near you. TouchTunes has millions of songs in their database. Whether one is looking for a classic song or the latest music, there is one song for you. Searching and queuing songs is also made easy as one can do it on the phone.

For venues, the jukebox creates an all-around entertainment platform. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and does not require a lot of effort setting up. Music can also be customized to match the vibe and feel of the area. Venues can create welcome messages for both new and loyal customers while also creating a recommended playlist.

Customers can find bars and restaurants with the TouchTunes jukebox near their location. The application makes using the jukebox more convenient.

The TouchTunes App

To use TouchTunes, make sure that you have downloaded the TouchTunes app. It’s available both on Android and iOS.

Through the app, you can control the music of thousands of bars and restaurants across the US and Europe. Just look for a venue that’s near you and you can start queuing songs.

The app acts like a TouchTunes jukebox remote for the local venue. It allows you to add songs and see which ones are playing next. Just check the songs on queue and search for your favorite music on your phone. So, you don’t have to lose your seat just to play the songs you want. You can also earn rewards in playing songs.

TouchTunes app is customized based on your musical preference and play history. It connects to your phone’s music library and Spotify to import your favorite songs and to create suggested playlists for you. You can create your own playlist on the app, as well.

How to Use the TouchTunes App

Follow these steps to use your TouchTunes app:

1. Login using your account on the application. If you don’t have one, you can easily create one on the app.

2. Check into a jukebox near you. Tap the home screen and tap on your location. Find venues with the ToucTunes jukebox.

3. Play your song. Search for your favorite song on the app. If there are songs on queue on the jukebox, press play next to add it on queue. Hit play if you want to play your song next.

Make sure that you have enough credits on your app to play your song. You’ll need to pay more if you want your song to be pushed on top of the queue. To purchase credits, tap on the wallet icon and press the add credits button. Purchase credits for the jukebox by connecting your credit card or PayPal to your TouchTunes account.

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