Top 5 Outdoor Lamps and Lights for Your Home

Outdoor lights are great finishing elements that could make your home feel cozy at night. Most modern lighting uses the technology of LED while candlelight is used to be the one we rely on to make magic in the garden at night. LED has a long life which is very practical. There are various types of lanterns that have their own benefits for lighting your outdoor garden.

Here is a shortlist which is not in any kind of order (in random order).

John Lewis Canton Outdoor LED Lantern.

This is a practical lantern for the outdoors that utilizes the LED technology. It resembles a real candle. Though it cannot give you the exact charm of a light from a real candle stick, but its transport from one place to another is so easy. Another upside is that you do not have to clean up the mess of wax melted on the sides. D batteries power this device. Two are required and this could last up to 30 hours of use.

Zara Home Fuchsia Lantern.

This vibrant colored lantern gives a lot of life in your garden. Zara’s fuchsia lantern has a tropical color that gives a feeling of warmth in the cold nights spent in outside garden. It is wrapped on the outside in a metal ribbon of plant fibers. A pillar candle is held by a glass cylinder. This is a great outdoor decoration when styled in combination with other bright colored decorations or accessories around the garden. The price ranges from 38 to 40 dollars. This is the most expensive among the list but gives bang for every buck you have spent.

Marks and Spencer Marrakesh Lantern.

A modern touch has been given to this classic Moroccan lantern. Mark and Spencer gave this lantern a more geometric with an angular design and a pattern that is linear that provides an intricate shadow when lit. A brilliant gold is its finish, giving its Moroccan touch. The door of the lantern uses hinges thus giving ease in changing the candles.

Next Handblown Glass Lantern.

This Lantern by Next is a very decorative one. The lantern uses a metal cage with a thick hand-blown glass vessel that is made to fit within. The pieces which are unusual make the candle light to bounce around the interior and gives it an illusion of having a warmer glow. The bronze patina of the metal helps enhance the glow of the light, too.

Habitat Jexa Woven Bamboo Lantern.

Today’s trend in outdoor lantern is the use of bright colors. Habitat’s Jexa Woven Bamboo Lantern did not want to be left behind of the trend so they used a jolly yellow in its finish. The lantern which is priced at a reasonable amount leaves you more money for other garden accessories is made from a bamboo which is woven with an integrated handle that gives extra ease in carrying the lantern around the garden. The number one enemy of a candle is the wind, this problem was addressed by Habitat by utilizing a glass cylinder to protect the candle from wind that could possibly blow it off. This is the cheapest among the list.

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