Complete Tips: How Much Does It Cost to Get a New Garage Door?

The garage door is easily a pricey part of the house. It is the largest moving part of the home and is the entry way a room filled with pricey home and garden equipment. It makes sense to invest quite a bit on a stable and efficient garage door.

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Whether you have a new house or just replacing an old garage door, you will be spending quite a sum of money on a door. The cost is definitely of concern for many homeowners.

Ask yourself first

Before you go on and buy the first garage door that you see, you need to ask yourself the important questions first. Do you really need a new door? If you’re building a new house, the answer is definitely a yes. For those whose doors are already falling apart, this is also an affirmation.

Make sure you check out the issues you have with your door first before concluding that you need a new one. You might just need to do simple repairs on the door to make it work.

Types of Garage Door

Knowing the types of garage doors available is important knowledge. There are different types of garage doors that are available. You need to know which doors will match your home and your needs.

• Canopy garage door. This is a single-panel door with vertical tracks on each side of the frame to flip the door open. The canopy garage door protrudes outside in order to provide a little shelter beyond the garage. This is a cheap garage door but requires less maintenance. It needs manual operation but has its own torsion spring that makes it easy to use.

• Roller garage door. It is designed to be compact with its steel panels. This garage door rolls up into a box found on top of the garage opening. Since it is compact, it frees up more space in the garage especially on the ceiling. This tends to be a more expensive option and also has limited aesthetic options. However, they are durable and require little maintenance.

• Retractable garage door. This single-panel door is different from the canopy since it fully retracts back into the garage. This is operated electronically, which is more convenient. Unfortunately, it requires more space in the garage as it has horizontal tracks across the ceiling.

• Side-hinged door. This uses steel hinges for an outward opening unlike the rest of the garage doors. Because of its design, it creates more storage space and room for larger vehicles. This door needs manual operation and is usually used for workshops.

• Sectional garage door. It is the most popular garage door in the market. This has both vertical and horizontal tracks to close and lift the door. The sectional door is a cross between a single panel and a roller door. It comes with large panels that retract overhead. Unfortunately, this limits the ceiling space. This door also tends to be pricey and requires maintenance. However, this come with a lot of design options to match your home.

Types of Garage Door Opener

Once you’ve chosen the garage door for your home, you need to then decide on the garage opener to match it. You have to be familiar with the types of openers out there.

• Chain-drive opener. This uses a chain to connect the motor to the trolley. It usually operates loudly due to the metal contact. However, it can be an inexpensive option.

• Jackshaft-drive opener. This opener is installed on the side of the door and has a motor that drives the cables and pulleys. This best suits bigger garage doors.

• Belt-drive opener. This opener uses a rubber belt which makes it operate quieter and smoother than the chain-drive.

• Screw-drive opener. It has a threaded steel rod that carries the trolley. It tends to operate noisily but can be easy to maintain due to its lack of parts.

• Direct-drive opener. This is the quietest garage door in the market. It has a stationary chain in a steel rail with one moving part. It usually comes with a lifetime warranty.

Installation Cost

If you’re sure that you need a new garage door, then you need to know the costs this entails. You need to know that the cost will include more than just the price of your garage door. A door will cost you around $400 up to $4,000. Better materials will tend to be more expensive.The average price that most homeowners spend on a new garage door is around $1,000. This already includes the door and the installation fee.

The cost will vary depending on the style of the garage door, its size and width, material, and outdoor lighting that you may want to include.

Replacement Cost

Replacement cost will often include the price of the tracks. Once you get a quote, you need to ask its inclusions. The heavy installation, electrical wiring, and removal of the old garage door are also factors that you have to consider with the price.

Replacement garage doors will cost you from $500 to $2,500 depending on the material and style you’re getting. Usually, this already includes the tracks, adhesives, and connectors.

You might also need to replace your garage door opener if you get a door that’s heavier than your old one. If you have a similar made, then there is no need to make an extra purchase.

Brand Comparison

There are different brands of garage doors out in the market. Clopay, Wayne Dalton, Martin, Amar, Garador, and Raynor are the top brands. These brands usually carries various high quality doors with different price points.

For one, Clopay tends to be a pricey garage door option while Wayne Dalton has more budget-friendly options. Make sure you get brochures from different manufacturers so you can check and compare the models that suit your needs. Often, they will send you a salesperson to measure and check your garage so they can recommend a few models that will work for you.

When shopping for a new or replacement garage door, it pays to give different contractors a call and look for a price that fits your budget. Compare their services and inclusions and choose one that works for you.

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