The Monarch Keychain Remotes

Garage door openers are necessary for every modern home. Having one can add convenience to daily lives of the homeowners. It makes it easier to open and close the garage door whether you’re nearby or an ocean away.

monarch 433TSPW1K key chain remote 433mhz with HID proximity card

The Importance of Garage Door Remotes

With your remote, you can easily open or close your garage door without having to manually lift it open or pull to close. While you’re pulling up to your home, you can already have your garage door ready.

Remotes can also allow you to control your home lights, depending on the kind of garage door opener system that you have. Such convenience definitely suits the busy life of modern homeowners.

Your garage door opener remote is your best friend if you have a garage door opener. It should always be with you since it gives a quick access to your home. You wouldn’t want to give anyone an easy access to your home. Often stolen garage door remotes can lead to theft in the home. This is why you need to keep your garage door remote with you all the time.

Monarch 295SEPA1K key chain remote Sentex Autokey

The Benefits of Keychain Remotes

Although garage door opener kits already come with their own remote, you might need extra as a spare or for other members of the family. Since these devices are necessary for every home, there are already tons of manufacturers making parts and accessories for garage door openers.

If you’re in the market for a small garage door remote that’s handy, then you should pick out a keychain remote. This is something that fits in your pocket without being too bulky. You can easily carry it with you and it can go on your key holder with the rest of your home keys. There’s no need to leave your remote inside your car or your purse where it’s most likely to get stolen.

One of the best keychain remote today is the Monarch keychain. This is a trusted name in garage door remotes.

Monarch 318DOPW2k Doorking MicroClik 8066-080 and 8067-080 2 button

The Brand

Monarch keychain remotes are made by Transmitter Solutions. This manufacturer is the largest supplier of receivers and transmitters in the US. Transmitter Solutions has been around since 1995 and takes pride in its specialized manufacturing and engineering technologies. They have years of experience and has a wide customer base. They manufacture a complete line of fobs, transmitters, receivers, and access control cards.

The Monarch remotes are the keychain versions Elite and Doorking garage door openers. These keychain remotes were made to be compact and to be easily compatible with different garage door opener brands. These also offer superior durability and longer frequency range. A Monarch remote is the best option if you have a high-tech home.

These remotes have HIID Proximity Tags that alert the garage door opener system when you’re within proximity. Monarch remotes also have extra security features that many garage transmitters don’t have.

Monarch carries different keychains. It has one-button, two-button, or four button remotes so you are able to control multiple devices. There are remotes with dip switched for older garage door openers while there are remotes that work with openers that have the rolling code technology. These are powered by long-lasting lithium batteries so there’s no need to worry about power issues.

Monarch 418ELPW1K key chain remote Elite DT-418 compatible

Monarch Remotes Compatibility

These keychain remotes have specific model numbers that show the kind of garage door opener and the brand that they work for. So, make sure that you check this before making a purchase. You need to match the Monarch remote to your garage door opener model and to your home’s needs. The compatibility should be your primary concern when making a purchase.

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