Mighty Mule Remotes and Multi Code Remotes

Mighty Mule Remotes

Mighty Mule has been in the business that offers the best metal gates, gate openers, driveway gates, driveway alarms, garden gates, access controls, automatic driveway gates, electric gate openers and automatic gate openers since 1987. Mighty Mule is based in the United States of America.

In the 1980’s, the founder of the company went to Florida and decided to settle there. He then purchased a ranch with horses. When he was renovating his home, he found it taxing of getting in and out of his truck just to open and close his gate with his hands. He thought of installing an automatic gate opener but the quotes he got ranged from $3,000 to $4,500. He thought that this was too much, so he decided to make his own design that is affordable. He made a gate opener that was easy to install and that could be used in far flung areas. He was successful in launching the Mighty Mule E-Z gate brand of gate openers. GTO takes pride that the products that he designs and distribute his gate operator products in the United States of America. Home, ranch, industrial and light professional applications is where the Mighty Mule gate openers are designed for. Since its beginning in 1987, there are over half a million gate operators and access controls that have been installed across the planet. All of its products are in compliance of even exceed all national and federal safety standard.

Multicode Remotes

Founded in 1990 and manufactures car alarm systems, central locking and power window regulators. In 1997 they were finally listed in the stock exchange of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, formerly known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, which is a remarkable milestone for the company. That meant big for the company as it means they are no longer a small business. The company has two operational facilities that has more than 500 full-time employees which includes more than 50 professional engineers. Its main facility is situated in Johor Baru, it serves as its core manufacturing hub. It is well equipped with the latest design and testing facilities. The location of its operational facilities is well planned in order to cater the needs of its domestic customers as well as the one abroad. The other place is located in Port Klanf, Selangor. It has extended its manufacturing and warehousing facilities, business development, marketing and customer support office that provides extensive warehouse and logistics services directly to its customers. Thanks to the massive growth in the automotive industry both locally and internationally, it contributed positively on the growth of the company.

MCE has become the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture and supply of automotive electronics and mechatronics parts both for the Malaysian and regional markets. MCE has also provided not only for the OEM segment but also for the supply of international procurement houses and buyers for their custom designed products to meet the specific needs, especially in the pre-delivery installation and the segment for the aftermarket.

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