A Quick Guide for Linear Replacement Parts

LINEAR REPLACEMENT PARTSA garage door opener is almost mandatory for every modern home. It makes lives easier with just a push of the button. You can have your garage open and ready as you’re leaving your house or as soon as you arrive. There’s no need to go and manually lift your garage door when you’re already inside your car.

Although your garage door opener is made to last you a few years, it is also susceptible to the daily wear and tear. When your garage door opener starts failing you, you need not have to replace the entire system right away. What you can do is to find the problem and address the issue by replacing the worn out parts. This is a cost-effective solution and is something that any homeowner can easily do.

If you have a Linear garage door opener, you have a ton of choices on where to purchase replacement parts. You can buy from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers or from online shops.

Here are the common parts that you might need to be replaced with your Linear garage door opener:

• Remotes. Garage door remotes often get lost ever so frequently. Just like keys, it can be too easy to misplace them. Aside from that, having an extra might also be necessary for homes with multiple garage users. This ensures that every member of the family gets an individual remote. Replacement remotes are easy to find. You just have to make sure that the remote is compatible to your current garage door opener to ensure that everything will work perfectly.

• Photo-eye safety sensors. These are one of the important parts of the garage door that’s responsible for safety. It ensures that the door reverses back on its track whenever it touches any objects. However as the years pass by, the eye sensors might get scratchy and dirty. This will affect its function and will put you and your family at risk. Replacing the photo-eye safety sensors are quite easy. Ensure that you’re purchasing Linear safety sensor that matches with your garage door opener. Installing them is quite easy as well as these come with wiring and installation instructions.

• Controllers. Linear has some pretty cool controllers as an added feature to your basic garage door opener. The Linear Iris Z Wave controller lets you control and monitor your garage door wherever you are. This gives you the peace of mind that it’s always closed. It can be installed easily and it comes with a garage door controller, mounting bracket, mounting screws, door tilt sensor, and power adapter.

• Camera kit. The camera kit is usually an upgrade for many garage door openers. This has infrared light that can be effective for low light or nighttime operations. With a camera kit, you can remotely check your home from your smartphone or mobile device.

• Receiver and transmitter. Replacement receivers and transmitters can be used to make your garage door opener or gate operator compatible with the MegaCode transmitters. This makes your garage door opener more secure and removes the possibility of code duplication.

• Remote antenna. The directional remote antenna is used to enhance the range of the garage door opener receiver. This antenna can be mounted horizontally or vertically and is effective in areas where there is a poor signal. Remote antenna replacement comes with mounting brackets and coax for easy installation. Some directional remote antennas work with a specific type of Linear receivers and with a specific frequency range. Find one that matches with your current Linear receiver and opener.

When looking for a replacement part for your garage door opener, the main priority is to make sure that it is compatible with the opener that you have. Check with the retailer and find out if the specific item matches your garage door opener.

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