Linear AK-11 Features, Review & Programming

Linear AK-11 is a digital keypad on your outdoor gates for better access to your property. It will also serve you a better security system to avoid your home from getting robbed. Moreover, it comes with a straightforward process of programming your PIN or code for easier access.

Linear AK-11

Linear AK-11 Features

Compared to other digital keypads, this one is durable and convenient to use. You can attach it to the wall or mount it on a pedestal through its rugged aluminum casing. It comes with two LED indicators and 480 programmable codes. Through those indicators, it can show you its system status right away.

For a better understanding of the Linear AK-11 features, we can enumerate all of them to give you better ideas:

• Has 480 entry codes
• Die-cast and easy-to-read yellow graphics keys.
• Can program 1 to 6-digit codes.
• It maintains the on-off toggle operation despite power shortage or interruption.
• The indicator lights turn red when power, and green when your system grants access.

Linear AK-11 Review

This product is durable and heavy-duty despite lousy weather. It lasts for several years and continues to serve people. Also, you can work on the programming instructions in a short amount of time. Its LED light works great at night. It is affordable and excellent in several conditions. When it comes to its overall appearance and built features, it looks elegant and cost more than the advertised price. All in all, it is certainly a bang for a buck.

Linear AK-11 Programming

Programming this digital keypad is super easy. Of course, you need a four-digit code to get access to your outdoor gate.

How to Hold the Gate Open:

1. Enter the key for Program mode.
2. Enter your 4-digit code.
3. It will remain open indefinitely until you change the programming setting.
4. To close the gate, press the code again.
5. Once you enter your 4-digit, the door will close automatically.

How to Add Temporary Code:

1. Enter the key for Program mode.
2. Enter your 4-digit temporary code.
3. Exit Program mode.

How to Delete Code:

1. Enter the key for Program mode for deleting codes.
2. Enter your current 4-digit code.
3. Repeat the same process if you want to delete another code.
4. Exit Program mode.

How to Erase All the Codes:

1. Enter the Program mode for deleting codes or enter #9#123456
2. Enter 97#000000#000000#
3. Exit Program mode.

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