Five Things to Familiarize About LiftMaster MyQ Accessories

MyQ Technogy is a feature that LiftMaster garage door openers and gate operators have. This allows accessibility for communication and managing other devices that are MyQ-enabled. You have greater security and control through this feature since you have access to your property through your computer or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

MyQ Accessories

LiftMaster’s MyQ Accessories allow you to access your MyQ garage door openers or gate operator. Through LiftMaster’s Internet Gateway, you have a solution for controlling and monitoring the entry points in your home or business.

Here are the things that you should know about the LiftMaster MyQ accessories:


  1. MyQ-enabled operator and opener.

These accessories will only work with gate operators and garage door openers that have the MyQ Technology. Ensure that you have the accessories are compatible to the LiftMaster garage door opener or gate operator that you have. Most of these accessories are compatible to those with Security +2.0 and those with MyQ Technology. So make sure that you have the compatibility and the models checked before purchase.


  1. Setup your accessories properly.

To use your LiftMaster MyQ accessories, you need to setup everything online and add your respective accessories. To do this, you need to connect the power and router. Create an account at Then, you need to register your LiftMaster Internet Gateway. Add your respective MyQ-enabled devices. Allow smartphone control if you also wish to control your devices through your phone. Just download the LiftMaster application on your mobile device so you can start controlling your devices and your garage door opener.


  1. Need a LiftMaster Internet Gateway.

For certain LiftMaster garage door openers, you might need to purchase the Internet Gateway to allow connectivity and control. The gateway will allow you to control home lighting and your garage door opener through your smartphone. This also lets you control up to 16 MyQ accessories and it easily connects to your home router. This is compatible to LiftMaster openers with yellow learn buttons, those with the Security +20 feature, and those with the MyQ control panel.


  1. Additional layer of security.

The great thing about the MyQ accessories is that you can keep your home and property secure whenever you need that extra assurance. You can monitor what’s happening in your home or business through your MyQ accessories. You can turn on the light to make it seem like someone’s at home even if you’re not around. This can deter burglars who might be looking for an empty house to break into. In addition to that, you no longer have to go back home to check if you have indeed closed and locked your garage door or gate. You receive notifications whenever your garage door or gate is opened or closed. Certain accessories like the Nest Cam, lets you check real time what’s going in your home anytime of the day. This is a good addition if you need to keep an eye on your kids or valuable items at home as this can be installed in any room. Security is assured with those extra features and accessories.


  1. Control anytime, anywhere.

With smartphone controls, you can easily regulate the devices in your home. Whether you need to open your garage door or your home gate to neighbors or families, you can do so through your phone even if you’re away. This also allows you to adjust the lights when you’re already on your way home so you won’t arrive to a dark house. Whether you are away on vacation or for a business trip, you still have the full control over your house, as if you never left. You can keep an eye on your home wherever and whenever.

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