LiftMaster 3900 and LiftMaster 8500 Operators

LiftMaster is one of the biggest brands when it comes to garage door openers. It is also a trusted name for operators and similar products. The brand carries a ton of other accessories features that are used for gate operators and garage door openers for both residential and commercial uses. They offer quite a lot of models for different uses.

If you are looking for a new garage door opener or operator for your business or home, you might want to consider the LiftMaster 3900 or 8500. Here are some brief intro into the LiftMaster 3900 operator and 8500 opener:

LiftMaster 3900 Light-Duty Jackshaft Operator: Introduction

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The 3900 model is designed for light-duty commercial sectional doors. It can also be used for high lift doors that are up to five feet in height.

It can control the open, close, or stop sequencing of your door through a single button. You can also enable the setting limit to ensure its accuracy even during a power failure.

This is a suitable garage door opener for light use. Its recommended duty cycle is 10 cycles per hour. This jackshaft operator can be mounted on the left or right side of the door and can be mounted on the door and attached to the door shaft.

Setting Up the LiftMaster 3900

Before you start installing your LiftMaster 3900 jackshaft operator, make sure that you’ve properly assembled the device. To do this, attach the collar to the operator then the mounting bracket. After this, you can already proceed to installing the LiftMaster 3900.

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First, position the operator properly. Make sure that the door is completely closed. Attach the emergency release rope and handle to the operator. Install the power door lock on your preferred door roller that is on the same side as the operator. The lock is used to prevent the door from being manually opened once it is closed. Then, install the cable tension monitor close to the drum and ensure that there is no obstruction. This monitors the cable for any slack that may occur and reverses the door once there is an excessive slack. Set up the single button control station and install the light on the motor.

Make sure that you check the electrical requirements of your operator and mount the standby power unit, if you have one. Finally, install the protector system of your LiftMaster 3900.

LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Opener: Introduction

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This is a sleek garage door opener that’s designed to mount beside your garage door to free up your ceiling space. It is fully-equipped with the MyQ Technology, Security +2.0 and timer-to-close sysrem.

The LiftMaster 8500 is a durable and powerful opener that operates quietly. It is perfect for homes with a room above the garage.

Installing the LiftMaster 8500

Make sure that you position and mount the garage door opener. Next, attach the emergency release rope and install the power door lock. Attach the cable tension monitor close to the drum. Then, install the door control within sight at least around 5 feet in height. However, ensure that the door control is out of children’s reach and away from the moving parts of the door.

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Install the remote light on the opener. Find the right location on the ceiling to mount the light within six feet. Next, install the Protector System of your LiftMaster 8500 opener. Check the electrical requirements by connecting the opener to the power source without running it. Install the battery backup if you have one. After installing, you can start adjusting the opener’s travel limits, force, and others.

No matter which one you choose, make it a point to purchase your LiftMaster garage door opener or operator from an official dealer. This ensures that you get all original parts and your device is professionally installed.

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