LiftMaster 373LM Garage Door Opener 315MHz Review

The LiftMaster 373LM Garage Door Opener is a three-button visor size remote that works for the new 200 to 2014 garage doors by LiftMaster. This garage door remote consists of a single button used as a transmitter using code rotating technology. This code rotating technology is safe to use since it has no capability of interfering with the military.

Basic Specifications

The LiftMaster 373LM is a three-button remote control transmitter that uses a single Lithium Manganese Dioxide CR2 battery cell type. The item is a bit bulky because of its 2.8 x 7.1 x 11.7 inches product dimensions and weighs 2.4 ounces.

Tips on How to Program (or Reprogram the Item) Plus Compatibility with other Remotes

373lmLiftMaster 373LM Garage Door Opener is one of the easiest electronic garage doors to program. With your garage door closed, press and immediately release the purple button on the remote transmitter. On the remote, press and hold down the button you wanted to use to open the garage door. While holding down the button, you will see that the LED will flash. You just need to release the button and it will now normally work. Just don’t hold down the button too long as all the previously programmed remotes will be erased.

Pop opening the house end of the motor is another way to program and operate this product. Pushing the LEARN button and just within 30 seconds just choose the button that you need to use and the motor will either blink the light or beep twice. This product works well with models 3265, 3270, 1345/1355, 3500, and more.

It also works on Chamberlain models with purple button.

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