Learn How to Set Up Your Garage Door Opener in 3 Simple Steps

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Having a remote and a keypad for your garage door opener makes your life even more convenient. Imagine not having a remote and manually lifting your garage door so you and your car can get in safely. If you have successfully installed your new garage door opener, the next step would be to set it up and program it.

Programming your garage door opener remote is an essential knowledge for every homeowner. You need to do this upon installing your new garage door opener and whenever you are switching remotes or it gets stolen.

Setting up a garage door opener is not rocket science. You don’t need to be an expert to be able to set up your opener. All you need are these three steps to get you going:


  • Choose a remote.

    If you have a new garage door opener, it may already come with a standard free remote. For replacement remotes, you might need to consider the model and the manufacturer or your opener. The safest bet is to purchase a remote from the same manufacturer as your garage door opener. You may need to check out the specific model and year if you want to go for a universal remote control. Check out the manufacturer chart so you’re sure you are getting the right remote.


  • Find the learn button.

    Once you have gotten the right remote for your opener, you can now start programming your opener. Look for the learn button found at the back of the opener motor. Lift the cover on your main system and find it. This is usually located near the antenna and is situated beside an LED. The button usually comes in different colors depending on the manufacturer and model.

    If you are programming for the first time, all you need to do is press and release the learn button. The LED will glow or blink for 30 seconds. If you are programming a new remote, you need to erase all the codes stored in your opener. To do this, press and hold the learn button until the LED goes off. Then press it again to reprogram the opener.


  • Program the remote or the keypad.

    After pressing the learn button, press the button on your remote that you want to program. Do it within 30 seconds of pressing the learn button or while the LED is blinking. Once done successfully, you will hear a clicking sound or see the bulb blink.

    For remotes with code switches, make sure that the combination on the motor and on the remote are exact matches. This means that the code switches are positioned similarly so the remote activates the garage door opener.

    If you need to setup your wall keypad, enter the desired code on your wall-mounted keypad. Ensure that you are using a unique number combination so burglars cannot easily get inside your garage. The light on the motor will light up to indicate that the code has been accepted.

After doing all these steps, remember to test the garage door opener remote or the keypad. Press the programmed button to see if it activates the opener. If it does open the garage door, then you have successfully set it up. If it didn’t, you might need to repeat the above steps. For the keypad, you may need to wait at least 10 seconds before testing. Just enter your PIN code, hit enter and wait for the opener to activate.

You can set up around five remotes on a single garage door opener. If you lose one remote, then you might need to delete all the stored codes on your opener and start adding every remote back again to your opener’s memory.

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