Learn the Parts of a Garage Door Opener Motor

The garage door opener is among the most used home devices today. Every time you leave the home or arrive from work, the first thing that you would do is to open the garage door. This opener system comes very handy in today’s busy world. However, due to the daily use, it is also subjected to wear and tear.

Being familiar with how your garage door opener works and what every part does is necessary for troubleshooting purposes. Knowing every part of your opener motor will also allow you to create a mind map for it whenever you encounter issues with it. You’ll also discover how there is a sort of flow on how the opener works as a whole and how every part has its own role.

Here are the parts of the garage door opener that you need to familiar with:



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The plastic cover acts as a protection for the garage door opener motor. It protects the rest of the other parts from the elements and holds everything in place. The light lens cover will become brittle and yellow through the years, unfortunately and might need replacement when this happens.

Motor gear

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This is an important part in a garage door opener. Oftentimes, when you find that your opener is not working and you can hear a grinding noise every time you operate it, you might be faced with a stripped gear. The gear helps in driving up the sprocket which in turns drives the chain or belt and moves the door. Although there are smaller gears in the garage door opener, this one is a large plastic gear that can be found in the middle part of the opener.


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The sprocket can be found at the top part of the garage door opener. This is responsible for turning the chain in order to lift up or down the garage door. This is the end of the shaft and at the top most part of the gear and sprocket assembly.

Motor assembly

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The motor drives the belt or the chain to open or close your garage door. This is has a large cylindrical shape that takes up a big space inside the opener. It is mounted inside the frame.

Logic board

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It is the logic board that receives signals from the transmitters to open or close the garage door. It is also responsible for all the other garage door opener functions. Basically, it is the brains of the opener. If the remote doesn’t work or the door does not open or close properly, then a failed logic board might be to blame.

Starter capacitor

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Every opener has its own starter capacitor, which is long and cylindrical in shape. This is a type of fuse that starts and stops the electrical motor. It is a crucial part in the electrical system of your opener motor. There might be times when you need to replace the capacitor, especially when it becomes busted.

Light socket and bulb

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The light socket keeps the light bulb in place inside the motor unit. It is found at the back portion of the garage door opener.

End panel

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This part is found at the back portion of the opener. The end panel covers and protects the side of the unit. It is where the learn button, lens, light socket, and the travel adjustment buttons are found.

Aside from these parts, the garage door opener motor also has various other little parts. These are the various screws, bearings, washers, and smaller gears that keep the brackets and the other major parts together. These are also important parts of the opener motor. Having the right little screws will make sure that everything is in place. So never lose any of these little parts and make sure you have backups in case you lose them.

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