How Keyless Garage Door Opener Works

When you run a tight household, you tend to forget things easily. Not that it’s uncommon but we’re only human. Sometimes we tend to forget our house keys and our garage door remote. If you really do tend to easily forget, then why not install a keyless garage door opener? That way the security of your household won’t be compromised. You can give access to your kids when they forgot their duplicate key copies of your front door or your mom or your neighbor who’s watching over your dog while you’re on vacation.

So how does a keyless garage door opener work?Keyless Garage Door Opener

Most keyless garage door openers are designed to work with a variety of garage door opener brands which give you convenient and secure access to your garage and home. It features a completely wireless design that is powered by a 9-volt battery. So it basically opens or closes your garage door without using a remote control or a key so you won’t have to worry if you left your garage door remote at home or even if you lost your garage door remote. It is designed to be protected from the elements with a weatherproof slide-up protective cover and you can easily read the backlit numbers on the keypad day or night. You won’t have to take out a flashlight or use your phone to shine a light on the keypad just to type your passcode. Plus, it’s very easy to program. It runs on a four digit code that you can set anytime. You can even set it to a temporary pin if you have delivery guys coming over or visitors so that way they won’t have your original passcode. You can set a temporary pin for a few hours until your guests or the delivery guys arrive and if they fail to come on time, the passcode that you set will then expire and will go back to the original code that you set. Very convenient, huh?! And what’s cool about this keyless garage door opener is that it’s basically compatible to most keyless garage door openers available on the market. You really don’t have to change your entire garage door opener just so it would be compatible to your keyless garage door opener.

Imagine the hassle and the time and money if you were to do that? So here’s a list of the compatible brands so you won’t have to do a thing:

Overhead Door®
300/310/315/372/390 MHz compatible

Each brand that carries a keyless garage door opener has different sets of models but more or less carry the same key features. Another awesome feature of the keyless garage door opener is that it can hold up to four unique PIN codes and the user can control up to four garage door openers. So when you already have an existing garage door opener, all you have to do is sync your keyless garage door opener to your existing garage door opener and voila! You now have a keyless garage door opener that is convenient and very secure. You won’t have to spend and change your existing garage door opener. By the way, they also offer a one-button-to-close feature which makes it easier than ever to close your garage door. Just press one button and your garage door automatically closes. Neat! The coolest feature of this keyless garage door opener is that it’s equipped with a rolling code technology that virtually eliminates radio wave interference which means your keyless garage door opener can’t be jammed. It will still normally operate and it will not be affected thus making it secure.

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