The Complete Introduction to Flash2Pass

Convenience is something that most of us are concerned with especially when days are becoming so hectic. We expect everything to be instant as we struggle to juggle the demands of daily life. Home automation is one thing that many of the homeowners today are concerned about.

Since most of the home automation and garage door controls are made for those with cars, it might be difficult for those with motorcycles to conveniently pull up and get inside the garage.

So, Flash2Pass was created to solve this specific problem.


An old home device when home automation just started to be a thing was Flash2Pass. It introduced a different kind of interaction between the driver and the automated garage door opener. Instead of using the usual remote control to operate the door, the sensor will receive signals from the high beam headlights. This then triggers the door mechanism. Just double click your motorcycle’s high beam switch to close or open your garage door or gate. It also works with golf carts, tractors, and trucks.

Flash2Pass removes the hassle of looking for the garage door opener remote in your pocket whenever you leave or come home. This is also useful for time when you have forgotten your remote control and you come home without it. Having the control in your vehicle reduces the risks of having your remote control stolen.

video credit to  Chrome World Motorcycle Parts

Flash2Pass Installation

The installation process is easy. It only takes over an hour to completely install and setup your Flash2Pass. Just install the transmitter behind the headlight of your motorcycle by taping two wires. The transmitter is easily hidden inside the headlight so you don’t have to worry about it peeking through.

Then, you need to replace the garage door button with a button that came along with your Flash2Pass kit. Just parallel the wires into the existing garage door opener button and you’re done. It is best if the receiver is placed near the garage door for the best maximum range.

Pair your transmitter to your receiver by resetting and pairing it accordingly. Test it afterwards by flashing the high beams to activate your garage door. Experiment and test the distance and range, as well.

Flash2Pass Features

You can connect multiple motorcycles to your Flash2Pass receiver. Up to six transmitters can be paired with the receiver. Just purchase another transmitter and install it on your other vehicles.

You can also open multiple doors and gates with your Flash2Pass. You only need to install a receiver on your garage door opener or gate opener to operate it.
Security is not compromised with Flash2Pass. It has its own unique security system that matches the signal from the transmitter to the receiver. The signal match also changes every time you use the transmitter which prevents it from being copied by anyone. It is similar to how a garage door opener works. However, it only uses the flash button so you don’t have to carry a remote control with you.

Flash2Pass Latest Updates

Flash to Open recently updated its system and has made it even more reliable. The range is now increased and it has better connectors. The new system still works with most of the automated garage door openers even those manufactured since 1982.

If you’re planning to make your motorcycle rides easier and more convenient, then it might be a good idea to invest in a Flash2Pass.You don’t need to fumble around looking for your remote control when you come home. It might be a hassle with your gloves and helmet on. By just clicking the switch, you’ll be inside your home in no time not worrying about remembering your remote every time you leave the house.

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