How to Install a Garage Door and Maintain Its Condition

The garage door is the largest moving part in the home. It gets used and operated a few times every day. Because of this, it gets exposed to the everyday wear and tear. A faulty garage door can pose as a risk to kids and other members of the household. This is why it is necessary to properly maintain your garage door. It is also important to know when you may need to replace it and how to install a new one.

How to Install a Garage Door

How to install a garage door

Whether you are having a new garage made and you need to install a new door or you’re replacing an old one, you need to follow these steps:

1. Prepare everything. Before you start the installation, it’s good to have all the tools and the garage door parts ready. Make sure that you are not forgetting anything. Do an inventory of the parts and the tools. Prepare the panels for installation.

2. Install the door panels. Place the first panel at the doorway. Attach the axle support on the top and bottom of the panel. Keep it in place by bending a nail into the wall next to the panel. Put the next panel on top of the last one. Ensure that the grove of the second panel rests on the ridge of the lower one. Repeat the process.

3. Assemble the tracks and install the hinges. Secure all the hinges attached to the panels and put the wheeled axles to the side hinges and to the top and bottom supports. Install the track according to your instruction manual. Place them to the wall and ensure that the wheels lie properly on the track. Connect the door cable to the hook at the bottom axle before attaching the bottom bracket to the wall.

4. Attach the spring assembly to the track. Follow the instruction manual and install it correctly. Bolt the tracks together and make sure that it fits properly. Install the spring anchors to the springs and bolt them securely. Put together the pulleys and the torsion rod. Attach the cable.

5. Tighten the spring. Once it’s all done, tighten the spring in order to reach the right tension. Lock the bolts in place and you’re all set.

How to maintain a garage door

The proper maintenance of your garage door is essential in making sure that it lasts long and works as it should. Here are the steps in maintaining its condition:

1. Pay attention to your garage door. Whenever you’re using your garage door, always keep an eye and an ear out. Pay attention to how it’s operating. If you hear strange sounds or see any broken parts, check it out right away.

2. Lubricate the moving parts. Your garage door works hard for you so make sure that you keep it in shape by greasing the moving parts regularly. This ensures that the operation is smooth and it does not take much of your time.

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