What No One Tells You about the Importance of Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers?

image via TLC-Direct UK
image via TLC-Direct UK

Oftentimes we neglect or take for granted our garage doors. Maybe because we don’t see it as an integral part of the home, unlike the front and back doors that many times people would tend to forget to close it down after letting their cars out.

Partly, it could be because of the busy lives people have and how everybody seemed to be always in a hurry to leave their houses to go to work, to school or run errands. But what most of us didn’t know, the garage door is just as important as any other external doors in the house and that we need to keep it secure at all times.

Its existence is not just for the purpose of having a shield the room that keeps or protects your cars but as protection for the entire house and your family. It is not only the gateway for your cars and your family but also for lawless elements like burglars and thieves if it is not properly secured. So, to help give you and your family some peace of mind, one important security measure you need is having a garage door opener which is not only for convenience but for added security as well.

Garage door openers have codes that could only be accessed by use of a remote control carried by the owner or a keypad by the end of the driveway or near the garage door. This code could be changed from time to time to make sure that only family members could access your home.

Other measures you can do to in securing your garage doors

1. Keep your remote control with you at all times. Never leave it inside your car or leave it just lying in your garage.

2. And of course the most obvious, lock your garage doors after driving your car out and after you have parked it inside. Many people forget to do this making it an open invitation for burglars.

3. Cover your garage windows with curtains or paint them or you may also use blackout screens. This would discourage would be intruders from getting into your home since they could not see and are not sure what’s waiting for them inside.

4. You may purchase a garage door monitor from a local home improvement shop. This will help remind you if the garage door is lock or open. A green light would indicate if the garage door is open and a red light will indicate if it is close.

5. Check out some high tech security systems as reinforcement. There are already available technologies that you could connect to your cell phone to monitor the garage doors and would prevent hackers from knowing your garage door openers’ code.

6. Timers for garage door openers are also a wise investment. If you are the type of person who easily forgets or is always on the go, a timer will automatically close down and lock the garage door for you. You just have to set the specific time lapsed for it to close but always make sure that you program the timer that will not give intruders time to get inside.

Include the following in keeping garage doors safe:

1. Intensive security measures for your garage doors may seem enough but you should also include maintaining the condition of your garage doors by always checking its physical condition. The normal garage door usually lasts between 10-15 years and would last longer if given the proper care.

2. Garage doors made of hardwood which is the most popular choice of homeowners should be checked for rotting, breakage, discoloration or if parts of the wood are already brittle. Also, if parts of it have been eaten away by termites. Hinges and screws should be checked as well. If it shows signs of damage, repair it right away or replace rotting parts of the wood since it easily disintegrates due to exposure to weather. Wood also has a tendency to expand and absorb moisture during the rainy or cold season and would also shrink when moisture evaporates, having the proper wood treatment would help prevent it.

3. For other materials like metal, check for corrosion and rusting. Again, do repairs or replacements right away and once done, add protection by painting it with the best protectors to delay rusting and corrosion. With the right paint and protectors, it would also be protected from the weather that will make it last for a very long time.

4. In doing the repairs, it would be best to seek the services of an expert, to be sure that it is done correctly and professionally. Also, it will keep you away from accidents or any untoward incidents. Remember that garage doors are heavy and repairing it yourself, without the proper knowledge and skills may cause injuries.

5. You also have to make it a habit to regularly lubricate and clean the mechanical parts of your garage door. This is the easiest maintenance you can do to make your garage door running smoothly and quietly. Best product to use on the moving parts would be the 3-in-1 oil and avoid the heavy grease that tends to get stuck and cause dirt build-up. And don’t try to lubricate the plastic bearings, nylon rollers and the locks.

6. The soonest you do the maintenance check and act on the repairs that need to be done, the more money you save and the more secure you will feel.

We hope that we have presented the importance of garage doors and other stuff that you may have overlooked or something that most people will not tell you. Either they too don’t find them important or they probably didn’t know how to. Whichever the reason, let this write-up be your comprehensive guide to caring for your garage doors and treating it as a reliable and convenient gateway in your home that helps keep your car safe and park with ease. And if properly secured, it also serves as your line of defense against intruders.

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