Ways to Find Out if your Garage Door Torsion Spring Needs to be Replaced

Springs in your garage door are essential parts that make it work every day. There are springs on both sides of the door and another set on top of the door. The ones on top of the garage door is called torsion spring.

These torsion springs help the opener in pulling up and lowering the garage door. It supports the weight of the garage door as the chain is pulling it up. It carries around 150 to 200 pounds of weight from the garage door, making it easy for you and the opener to lift this heavy part in your home.

If the garage door torsion spring is broken, it can mean serious problems. It is important to identify when your torsion springs are broken and need replacing. Here are some ways to find out if the torsion springs need to be replaced:

• Garage door won’t open.

If your garage door opener won’t open, it might be caused by a lot of factors. However, a broken torsion spring is one of them. So, check the springs found on top of the garage door and check if it is still intact or not. This is to rule out all the other causes of a broken opener.

• You hear a loud bang.

If your garage door has stopped going up and you hear a loud snap, it’s probably a broken torsion spring. This might even happen in the middle of the night.  Your garage door will no longer open automatically. Avoid lifting the garage door once the torsion spring is broken. This can be dangerous as the springs no longer carry the 150-pound weight of the garage door.

• Separated torsion spring.

Find the torsion bring on top of your garage door. The garage door opener usually comes with a pair of torsion spring. If you see that either or both of the springs are separated, it has been broken. The separated spring can either be long or short. The length does not matter as you will still need to replace the entire torsion spring.

• There’s a loss of tension.

Torsion springs are under extreme tension in order to lift the heavy garage door. If the springs look elongated or stretched out, it means that tension is lessening. Sooner or later, the torsion springs will break or no longer be able to carry the weight of the garage door.

• Your garage door looks crooked.

If you’re opening and closing the garage door and it looks crooked, it’s time to check the torsion spring. You might need to replace your torsion springs before it causes you any problems.

Remember that torsion springs will eventually break since these only have a specified number of winds. Most springs only have around 10,000 cycles. One cycle is when the garage door does up and down. A regular torsion spring will only last you around five years. Through the years of use, you will eventually have to replace them. Always consult a professional technician if you are not confident in fixing the problem. It might not be an easy job for you to replace the torsion springs on your own. You need to find the right springs that matches the weight of your garage door.

Avoid lifting a garage door with broken torsion springs as this can break other parts of the garage door opener. Thus, it is essential to have these fixed as soon as possible.

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