How to Program Marantec Remotes

Marantec is a high-technology for innovative automatic gate openers. The company brings better security for all types of doors and gates, giving convenience to people’s lives. Their team works hand-in-hand to fit their control systems to the latest technology for customer contentment and satisfaction.

marantec remotes

If you already purchased your Marantec garage and door openers, you might want to learn more about its complete guide for usage. We will show you the step-by-step guide on how to program your Marantec remotes to use them efficiently.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Program Your Marantec Remote Controls

Remember that you can program different types of Marantec remotes the same way. So, you don’t need to search for other tutorials for other kinds.

What you need:

• Two Marantec Remotes – Your old one (transmitter with active code) and the new one.

• Small Wire Plug or the Programming Connector

Marantec Program Connector



The Procedure:

1. Look for the three holes from the working remote located on both sides. You can just choose one side to plug the small wire.
2. Get your new remote. Place it next to the other one.

Programming Connector

3. Plug the other side of the small wire plug on the remote’s three-hole side.
4. Make sure that the two are intact with each. So, you have to push the plug all the way.
5. Hold your working remote’s button for a few seconds until the blink comes off, then simultaneously hold the new remote’s same button. Release your fingers at the same time, once you see that the new remote’s red light stops blinking. Unplug your two remote controls.

Hold your working remote button


Note: Make sure to hold the old one’s button first before you go the next one to avoid wrong programming or receiving false directions.

6. Do the same process if you also want to program the smaller button.

program the smaller button


7. If you have a cigarette-type of remote, you’ll see a three-hole plug on the side of the circle. Just do the same process to program your remote control.8. That’s it! You can use your remote control instantly.

How to Reset Your Remote Control’s Code

1. Prepare the Marantec Remote and the small wire plug or Programming Connector.
2. Plug the programming connector on the three holes at the side of the remote.
3. Hold the button you want to reprogram. Wait for at least 5 seconds or when the red light stops blinking, then release the button.

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