How to Program Genie Garage Door Opener in 60 Seconds

This article is written by Kristy Jones of a Garage Door Opener Store.

The garage door opener is an essential device for every home. It makes the morning drive to work easier, especially if you are running late. It also secures your home and garage by adding a layer of security that you’ll find useful later on.

With having a garage door opener, you also need to invest money and time in installing and programming it accordingly. For many homeowners, the installation and the programming seem like a hassle.

If you’re pressed for time, you can program your Genie garage door really quickly. One minute might be all that you have, but it is all that you will need in programming it.

After successfully installing your Genie garage door opener, the next step would be to program the remote or keypad so you can start using it.

Follow these steps in programming your Genie garage door opener:

Programming your Genie Garage Door Remote

To program your Genie remote control, you need to have it within the frequency of your opener. Follow these steps in programming your remote:

  • Find the learn button. This is usually found at the back of your garage door opener beside the antenna and the LED indicator. Once you find it, press the learn button. The LED will blink twice.
  • Press the desired button on your remote. In a few seconds after pressing the learn button, press the button on the remote that you want to program. The LED will go out if the programming has been successful.
  • Test the button. To check if the remote has been properly programmed, press the button. The garage door opener should activate. If it doesn’t, repeat the above steps. Ensure that there’s nothing that blocks the connection between the remote and the garage door opener.

These steps work for most Genie remote models. You might want to consult your owner’s manual for the specific steps for your remote.

If you have multiple remotes or multiple doors, follow the above steps. You can program up to seven devices on to your Genie garage door opener.

Programming your Genie Garage Door Keypad

The Genie wireless keypad GPWK-12works on the openers with transmitters using the 390 MHz frequency. This cannot be used for Genie Intellicode transmitters.

To program this, follow these steps:

  • Reset the keypad. Slide open the keypad cover up. Press the # and 8 buttons simultaneously while holding the buttons for a while and sliding up the cover until it latches. Then, release the buttons. Wait until the light of the keypad stays on. If it goes out, close the cover and reopen until it clicks.
  • Press buttons. Press the 3, 5, 7, and the # button in that order.
  • Enter your pin. Afterwards, enter your unique PIN code and the # button. Your PIN can be any number up to eight digit. Ensure that the combination is unique and not something anyone can easily make out. Avoid using your birthday as a PIN code.
  • Enter door code. The door code is determined by the internal code switches on your garage door transmitter. Check the settings of the first three switches on your garage door opener. The setting of every three switches has a corresponding code. So, you will end up with a three or four-digit code once you’ve determined the settings.

To determine the door code number, here are the switch settings and respective code:

  • Up, up, up is 7.
  • Up, up, down is 6.
  • Up, down, up is 5.
  • Up, down, down is 4.
  • Down, up, up is 3.
  • Down, up, down is 2.
  • Down, down, up is 1.
  • Down, down, down is 0.
  • Test it. Slide the cover down and slide it up until it latches. Enter your programmed PIN code and the star key. Your door should respond and open.

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