How to Program a Linear Remote & Garage Door Setup

You probably have one of the best garage door openers on your home. The only problem is that it takes time and knowledge to learn how to program and troubleshoot remote control. As a result, it will bring the convenience you need.

Program a Linear Remote

Here is the step-by-step guide to accompany you with the complete details about programming a linear remote and finish setting up your garage door. At the end of the tutorial, we will show some of the troubleshooting about error codes.

You’ll know immediately if the programming works when remote’s red light blinks. So, here you go.

1. Go to the garage door opener and push the ‘Learn’ button. Now, your garage door is ready for programming. Get ready to change the code.
2. Give it a signal by clicking on the remote’s third button.
3. Now, try to push the button again to see how it works. The garage will open automatically.
4. Just repeat the same process for closing the door.

Troubleshooting Process:

Before we go through the process, you need to know several codes according to the number of flashes. For example, a single flash mean you push the remote’s button. Two flashes indicate you have shorted wall station wire.

Three flashes mean safety beam obstacles, while four flashes indicate that you exceeded the open and close button. If that happens, you might want to check if barriers keep you from opening or closing the garage.

If you see five flashes, that means you activated the remote while the vacation switch was locked. On the other hand, six rays show that the garage door opener’s motor is running for more than 30 seconds. The last one you’ll notice is the seven flashes. It means limit error detected. You might have reached the open and close limits, which can overheat the motor. Call for service immediately.


Basic Linear Garage Door Remote Programming Tips & Guide

We will show you how to program your Basic Linear Garage Door Remote Control. The thing is, it is super easy to program, especially if you follow these step-by-step guide. You can even do it in less than 3 minutes.

Linear Garage Door also has keychain remote and wireless keypad. The other good news is that it comes with three buttons which you can program for your other door garage.

The programming for all types of remote are super easy. So, read on and get it right the first time.

Step 1: Prepare your remote and head towards your LD Co 800 motor.
Step 2: Push the Learn Button.
Step 3: Red light will start to illuminate, indicating that you are currently on the Learn Mode.
Step 4: Push your desired remote’s button and it will automatically pair on your LD Co 800. You’ll know it pairs on your motor if you hear some click. It works and resembles like Bluetooth.
Step 5: Repeat the same process for your keychain remote and wireless keypad.
Step 6: If you want to program a wrong number for safety, just click on ‘Add.’ But if you were just mistaken on clicking on the number button, push the ‘Learn’ button and delete it. It will allow you to create a new one when intruders come along.

The Key Point: You need to hold the Learn button for 30 seconds, so you can Add and Delete all by yourself.


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