Low to High Budget Guide: How to Pick the Right Garage Door Opener

how to pick the right garage door opener
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The garage door opener is an essential for the home. No matter what kind of opener you have, just having convenience in opening and closing the garage door makes a huge difference. It definitely makes life easier.
In picking the right garage door opener, you need to consider different things. Often when something is right for someone, it might not be right for you. For one, your lifestyle and home life can be different. So, make sure that you find one that matches your needs. Aside from that, here are the other considerations that you might want to take into account before you make a purchase:


This probably is the most important part of your buying process. Know how much you’re willing to spend first and how much you can afford. You don’t want to spend more than what you can afford or more than what you need. If you only have enough money to purchase a good model, then there’s no point spending more just to get an expensive one. Try not to spend more than what you can afford, if possible.

Make sure that you have enough money stashed for garage door opener purchases and replacements. This is an investment that you want to do right since it will be used in many years to come.


The cost of garage door openers usually vary depending on its make, brand, features, and type. It can range from $100 up to $800, with $100 being a low-end model and $800 being a high-end garage door opener model. The cost usually includes the installation needed as well.

The average spend on a garage door opener, including installation, is about $300. This will also vary depending on your location. You might want to shop around first and compare the cost of different contractors that carries the opener of your choice.The different types of openers also have different price points, as well. For one, chain drives are usually the most affordable one while belt drives are more expensive.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are different garage door openers that you can choose from. This is also a factor to consider. As mentioned above, different types of garage door openers are priced differently.

• Chain-drive opener. This opener uses a chain to push or pull the trolley. It is an inexpensive option for a garage door opener. Unfortunately, this tends to be loud when operating so it might not be a good match for homes with living spaces above the garage.

• Belt-drive opener. It is among the most common type of garage door opener used by homeowners today. It works like the chain-drive opener, but instead of a metal chain, it has a rubber belt. This allows the opener to operate quietly and smoothly. This makes it a preferred opener by many homeowners. Unfortunately, this tends to be a bit more expensive alternative but can be great for attached garages.

• Screw-drive opener. This opener has a steel rod that opens and closes the garage door. This doesn’t have a lot of components which makes maintenance easier. However, it can be noisier compared to the belt drive. This is a pricey garage door and costs more than the belt-drive opener. On the flip side, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is a powerful opener.


The horsepower ratings refer to the lifting power of the garage door openers. This can go from 1/2 –horsepower up to 1-1/2 horsepower or more.

In choosing an opener, you need to consider the garage door that you have at home. If you have a regular double-car sectional garage door, then a ½-horsepower opener will do the trick. For bigger and heavier garage doors, you might need to go for more powerful openers. However, you can always opt for powerful garage door openers so they can lift your door with little effort. This creates less wear and tear on your opener motor. Do keep in mind though that more powerful openers tend to be pricier. This can be another cost that you need to keep in mind.


Aside from just lifting your garage door, the openers today can already be packed with different features to suit your lifestyle and needs. The remote and wall-mounted buttons are already part of the garage door opener kit. These have become necessities in using and operating the openers. Motion sensors boost the safety of your opener and prevents it from crashing down on pets, kids, and even your car.

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