A Complete Guide to Change the Code for Garage Door Opener and tips to keep it secure

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Like any other lock in your home you need to make sure that it serves its purpose in keeping your family and properties safe and secure. But door locks are not the only thing that could be breached and could be used as access for thieves, burglars, and criminals.

Your garage doors are also susceptible to being breached since it’s easier for criminals and other intruders to access your home through these doors. It is most terrifying especially if your garage door opener code may have been unwittingly shared with a third party or divulged accidentally by a family member. To ensure safety and to keep your garage door openers secured at all times, it is best to regularly change the code if you rent your home or lose a remote. This is especially true if you think somebody else might have accessed it or if the remote has been lost or stolen.

Here is a simple to use guide for changing the code for your garage door remotes and keypads. For more current types of garage door openers, those that have exterior keypads, the instructions will be the same for changing to code for the keypad as well as the remote. However for the older versions, you may need to change the code by physically switching the dip switches inside the remote control device as they don’t use rolling code technology.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to changing the code in garage door openers with keypads:

1. Use a ladder and place it under the motor of the garage door in order for you to reach the unit.

2. Reach for the learn button on the side of the motor, press it and hold it down for approximately 30 seconds. When the light beside the button goes out, release it to remove or erase all the previous codes from the memory of the unit.

3. To enter the new code, press the learn button again until it lights up again. You may now enter your new code on the keypad. Wait for the light to blink, indicating the new code has been accepted. If no lights are installed, listen for the two-clicks.

4. Then, press again the learn button on the motor, the light will light up again. This time, press the button on your remote and the light will blink again. It then means that the new code has already been programmed in your remote. To program your other garage door remote control, just repeat this step.


For older versions of garage door openers without keypad, follow the following steps:

1. Remove the cover of the garage door opener remote control for you to move the dip switches inside it. To change the code in all the other remote controls, all you have to do is just repeat the step and match the corresponding dip switch code.

2. Once done moving the dip switches inside the remote, you replace the cover of the remote.

3. To match the code of the motor to the code of the remote control, place a ladder and reach for the motor unit under the garage door and just move the switches on the motor. You can use any combination you like, but the dip switches on the motor and the hand held remote must match.

As always, securing your home and keeping your family safe and protected is every person’s utmost concern. Keeping your doors locked and your garage doors secured is your first line of defense against lawless elements.

If you have followed our tips and our complete guide to changing your garage door opener’s code, then you have taken the first step to keeping your home safe. For further details on how to make your garage doors an efficient, convenient, and secured part of your home, call your manufacturer or installer.

With the recent developments in garage door openers technology, there has been stiff competition among manufacturers and companies to provide the best service for their clients. How we shared our complete guide to changing the code is just a fraction of what these companies can share with you to completely utilize the full capabilities of your garage door openers.

Some homeowners, who choose to reinforce their security system, would contact their contractors or garage door installers for added security. Few of these are installing sturdier materials like hardwood, solid wood core, fiber-glass, or the much stronger metal material.

They also install timers, this is best especially for parents who are always busy and have kids. They sometimes tend to close down the garage doors or push the button to lock. With timers, it will automatically close down and lock itself for a specific set amount of time. The homeowners set the duration of the time elapsed before it closes.

Never leave your remote in the garage or anywhere in plain sight. This is like an open invitation for intruders to come in and take the remote and come back later at their convenience. If you don’t like carrying around with you the bulkier remote, you can get a smaller, keychain version of the remote and program it the same way you programmed your visor size remote opener.

Setting an alarm in your garage door that is connected to your home alarm system is also a good idea. Once this alarm is triggered it will send a signal to the nearest police station that would alert and dispatch police and emergency teams to your place. There are also garage door opener monitors that tell you if you left your door open or not.

Lastly, put on blinds or curtains in your garage windows or have smoked glass. This would prevent potential burglars from checking out what is inside your place that would be valuable to them and it will prevent them from getting an idea as to how they could access the main house.

We might have shared more than just changing the codes in your garage door openers and remote controls; this is to help you keep your homes safe and secured. Because using a gun shall never be a homeowner’s first option but his last and protecting the family starts with the wise decision in choosing the right security and alarm system and the conscious effort to never neglect or take for granted the importance of garage doors.

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  1. Great post! thanks for sharing the guide how to change the code for Garage Door Opener. It’s really help for me to keep my family and properties safe and secure to thieves and criminal.

  2. Thanks for explaining how to change the code for an automatic garage door! I had a tenant living in my basement and gave him the code to our garage, but now that he’s moved out I’d like to change it just for security. I’ll follow these steps to get that code changed!

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