Garage Door Openers: How to Change Bottom Roller

Most garage doors today are sectional with five sections across the opening and connected by hinges. These hinge brackets have rollers that guide the track on each side of the door. These help in lowering and raising the door along the track on each side.

The roller can be found a few inches off the ground when the garage door is closed. Over time, the rollers can be worn and torn just like any other part of the garage door. If your door does not open smoothly, your bottom rollers might need to be replaced. Video below credit to essortment.

It can be dangerous to replace the bottom roller especially when done incorrectly. The garage door is the heaviest moving part of the house and one wrong move can lead to potential injuries. Remember to not loosen the bolts that secure the bottom fixture. Also, do not remove the cable from the bottom fixture. So always practice caution when replacing your bottom roller by yourself.

If you are ready to take on this type of project in your home, follow the steps below:

Ready the Materials

Before you start this DIY project, ensure that you have the complete materials needed. Ready a new set of garage door rollers, ladder, clamp, pliers, pry bar, and a flat head screwdriver. Purchase the right number of rollers needed for your garage door.


Having an assistant with you when you fix your garage door can also be a huge help. This makes the entire process faster while keeping you safe.

Prepare the Garage Door

Open your garage door completely and clamp the track about 2/3of the way up. Pull the release cord and unplug the garage door opener for added safety. Then, bend the top of the track to slightly open it up with your pliers.

Get Down and Dirty

Line the first roller with the opening using a flathead screwdriver. Wedge it between the track and the roller and pry out the roller. Then, you can remove the old roller and insert a new one back into the track.

Garage Door Fixing Image

Roll down the next roller and repeat the same process above. You will do this until you have fully replaced all the rollers on your garage door. However after your fourth roller, you might find it difficult to replace the top roller because it won’t line up with the track. To solve this, you need to bend the track into alignment and roll the door open all the way. Bend the track found in the middle of the overhead section.

This is the time wherein having a helper will come in handy. Have your helper look out at the door if it slips from the track and hit you.

Pry out the last roller and replace it with a new one. Bend the track into shape with your pliers.

Return Everything to Normal

Remove the clamp and plug the garage opener again. Reattach the door to the garage door opener by pressing the wall control. This will reattach the door to the garage door opener. Then, close the door and check the tracks for any misalignment.

Adjust the tracks if the need be by loosening the bolts and realigning the track. You can use a pry bar to move the tracks a little.

You can tighten the bolts, afterwards. Just make sure that all the bolts and screws are tightened. The constant vibration and movement can shake things up over time, so ensure every part is tightened.

 Test it out

After completing and checking every parts of the garage door, test out your garage door. See if everything is in working order and if the garage door opens smoothly.

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