12 Superb Tips to Buy the Right Garage Door Opener

12 Superb Tips to Buy the Right Garage Door Opener

This article is written by Kristy Jones of aclickawayremotes.com a Garage Door Opener Store.

1. What’s your garage door? The garage door opener needs to match the type of garage door that you have. Whether you have a sectional metal, sectional wood or one-piece solid construction. The material and the size of the door will dictate the power that you need for your opener. Double doors might require ½ horsepower while a single door will do with a 1/3 horsepower. Larger and heavier doors will need more horsepower for opening.

2. Familiarize yourself with garage door openers. There are three types of drives for garage door openers. Chain-drive garage door openers are the most commonly used and are reasonably priced. However, these tend to be noisy due to the clanging of the chains. The belt-drive opener moves the door through its rubber belts. This tends to cost a bit more but operates quietly. The screw drive comes between the belt and chain drive. This garage door opener operates on a threaded rod and is ideal for those who prefer low maintenance.

3. Quiet opener or not? If you have a living space next or above the garage, you might want to go for a quieter door opener that does not disrupt sleep or your guests. This is a consideration if you have a living room or a bedroom near your garage.

4. Remote control. Most modern garage door openers already come with remote controls for easy access. Ensure that the opener that you’re going for has dual-frequency that can switch between two frequencies. This is a must for those who live in densely-populated areas since your neighbor’s opener might interfere with your own.

5. Do you need a backup battery? If there’s a sudden power outage in your area, you would want to have a battery backup that allows you to open your garage door automatically. This is a feature that saves you from the hassle of opening your door manually. A backup battery makes your life more convenient and prevents you from being locked out.

6. Security, security, security. This is an essential aspect of your garage door opener that you shouldn’t skimp. Get a garage door that comes with a rolling code that selects non-repeating codes every time you use your remote control. This prevents any thief from accessing your home without the right code.

7. Check the safety capabilities. Keep the safety in mind when shopping for the best garage door opener. This controls the heaviest piece of your home which makes it crucial. Check the opener’s safety abilities such as sensors and automatic reverse. These stop the door when there is any obstruction and reverse it.

8. What are its additional features? Many garage door openers today are equipped with various features. This might include remote access, internet connectivity, and timer among many others. Although an opener with various features might get a price hike, this might be perfect for your needs.

9. How would you install the opener? Different garage door opener models are installed differently. Do you want to install it yourself? Or do you prefer a professional to install it for you? Professional installation might affect your budget but will also make things easier for you.

10. Examine warranties. Compare warranties and look for those that offer long-term care and cover the parts and motor for servicing. Checking this before you make the big jump might save you money in the long run especially when the garage door opener encounters any problem.

11. Solicit advices and recommendations. If this is your first garage door opener purchase, ask around for advice and recommendations from friends or family. Inquire what model or brand they’re using and ask what they love or hate about it. Opt for a tested brand among your peers.

12. Compare prices. Lastly, compare the prices from different brands that you are interested in. Ensure that these garage door openers meet your needs and standard. Find one that provides you with value and features as this is an investment for your home and family.

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