6 Actionable Ways to Improve Your House Garage Security

Rhys-Wakefield-in-The-PurgeIt is common for every homeowner to secure the main part of the house first. This of course is where majority of the items and property of the family is. Through the main door, a burglar can get to the other bedrooms and potentially find electronics, jewelry and other expensive items. However, the main house isn’t the only part that’s vulnerable to break-ins.

The garage is also a potential for break-ins. This is usually not considered by many homeowners when it comes to home security. In reality, the garage houses expensive items like cars and tools among other things. This is why it’s a must to improve the security of your garage, as well.  If you are storing your seasonal items in your garage, this is even a heavier reason to tighten security.

Here are 6 actionable ways that you can implement to improve your garage security:

  1. Get a smaller remote. This is the easiest thing that you can do in order to keep your garage secure. Since most garages now have automatic garage door openers, many homeowners carry with them a remote to control the door. However, these remotes are usually bulky and are left in the car or in the desk. Doing so puts your home’s security at risk. Anyone with your remote can open your garage door and get inside your home. It’s better to stick with smaller remotes that you can take with you anywhere. The smaller, the better. You can put it in your pocket or attach on your keychain so you won’t have to leave it anywhere. This way you’re sure no one can get his or her hands on your opener remote.
  1. Light up your garage. Do not underestimate the power of a well lighted home and garage. When your garage is lighted outside, then potential burglars might have second thoughts in trying to break-in. You can add a light control feature to your garage door opener or automate home lighting to keep your home lit at when the night comes.
  1. Upgrade security features. If you already have an automatic garage door opener, chances are you can purchase added security features for you garage and home. You can have mobile control over your garage door and some extra security cameras installed, too. This might also depend on the kind of garage door opener that you have. So, check which features you can add and purchase to boost security. Although this can be an additional expense on your part, this is a sound investment that can give you peace of mind.
  1. Cover garage windows. This might be the last thing you will think of when it comes to home security. However, burglars can go check out your garage when your window is left without a cover. So, attach a curtain or some blinds on your garage window to prevent anyone from peeking. You may also add bars for an added layer of security.
  1. Padlock your latch and lock the connecting door. If you will be gone for an extended amount of time, it is best to lock your garage from the inside using the side latch. Just padlock it to ensure that no one from the outside can get in. If you’re just leaving for work, ensure that you lock the connecting door to the main house.
  1. Keep your garage door closed. Most often, keeping your garage door closed is the best way to keep your garage secured. This is commonsense, but it seems like many people tend to forget. It is normal for most homeowners to leave their garage door open especially when they are just inside the house getting something. However, this leaves your garage open to strangers who might want to get inside.

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