Homeowners Top 5 Quality Garage Door Openers

It’s these little nifty devices that make a big difference in your home. The convenience that good garage door openers provide to makes life easier for everyone in the family. Most often than not, homeowners take for granted the garage door openers and only realize its importance when it’s broken.

photo www.nevercontent.net
photo www.nevercontent.net

Having a good quality garage door opener will ensure efficiency and durability that will last you through the years. This is an investment that every homeowner has to be smart about. Rather than just blow your money on whatever opener fits your budget, it is ideal to scour through the top performing openers that will suit your lifestyle and your family’s needs. So, if you’re in the market for a new garage door opener, here are the top five openers that rank best when it comes to quality:

• Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 ¾ HP. The direct drive opener is unique compared to the common chain and belt drive openers. It only has one moving part, which makes it extremely quiet when operating. This is a perfect opener for homes with garages that are directly below or beside a living space or bedroom. This Sommer opener is powerful and can lift heavier garage doors that weigh 550 pounds or higher. This opener is compatible to HomeLink. The kit includes a wall push-button, two remotes, photo eyes, and eight-foot rails. The Sommer Direct Drive gives bang for your buck.

• Chamberlain WD926KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener. This powerful garage door opener comes with battery backup and MyQ Technology. This gives you the assurance that even if the power goes out, you can still get inside your home conveniently. The MyQ Technology lets you control your house lights through your smartphone. It boasts of an ultimate quiet performance that’s suitable for families with young kids. The Chamberlain WD926KEV also has added security features like the timer-to-close feature. The kit includes two remote controls, a control panel, and a wireless keyless entry.

LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series. This is a LiftMaster wall-mount garage door opener that is MyQ Technology compatible, which allows you to remotely control your garage door opener. It is a sleek garage door opener that saves up your ceiling space. It provides homeowners with ease and security. It also operates quietly and smoothly. The wall-mount installation is easy and can be done by any homeowner. The kit includes remote light, safety beams, wall control, transmitter, and power lock. LiftMaster offers a lifetime motor warranty which assures you of performance all throughout.

• Genie 1022-2TX ½ HP AC ChainLift Garage Door Opener. This is a heavy-duty opener that is designed to operate smoothly and is suitable for doors below seven feet. It’s a low-maintenance garage door opener so busy homeowners can just let it be and not lubricate it regularly, unlike other openers. It comes with two three-button remotes , wall button, and safe T-beams. It has Intellicode Technology that adds security to your home and prevents unauthorized persons from coming in. The motor has a five-year warranty on the motor and a year warranty for parts.

• Chamberlain PD752D ¾ HP Chain Drive. This is a premium garage door opener that is suited for heavy-duty use. This means it lasts longer and is more durable compared to the standard openers. It can also lift the solid and heavier garage doors smoothly. It has a quiet operation that fits for attached garages. The Chamberlain PD752D features a quick-install five-piece rail system that allows you to set it up on your own without a fuss. It also has security features that gives you the peace of mind that you need. Its safety features prevents the door from accidentally closing while preventing break-ins.

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