Latest Tips About Home Garage Security from Top Realtors

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Is your home vulnerable to thieves? Follow these pieces of advice on securing your garage day in and day out.

The home garage is often the most overlooked part of the house when it comes to security. Whether you’re using it as storage unit, car parking, or a workshop area, it’s important to understand how you can keep it safe from burglars.

1. Install lighting.
Dark garages are the target of thieves, especially at night. Installing the right lighting can expose their dark motives. Make sure to position the lights near your doors and windows so burglars will be intimidated to break in.

A good option is motion-sensing light with 180-degree coverage. This will surely keep intruders out of your property. To avoid obstructions, clear away shrubs and trees that are near your entry points. You can plant thorny shrubs near the windows to discourage thieves from trespassing.

2. Put emergency releases. If you’re using automated door openers in your garage, you need to install emergency releases that are basically made with a pulling rope and red handle. This is because automatic doors can easily be unlocked using a hanger.

To increase security, you can use a restrictive method such as zip tie to make sure no unauthorized person can access your garage. It’s better to plan your emergency release so that it’s easier to control when someone breaks in your house.

3. Keep your door remote. Never leave your door remote and keys in a common location such as car visor or glove compartment where burglars can easily check. Once they’ve found your remote, it’s easier for them to get inside your home and steal.

You can keep your remote inside the house or in a place where no one knows but your family. Attaching the remote to a key ring can also help you protect your home from uninvited guests.

4. Keep the doors closed.
If you have something valuable in your home garage, it’s a good habit to keep the doors locked. Whether you’re going to buy something in the nearby store or taking a coffee break from carwashing, always lock your garage doors.

Burglars can easily sneak into your tools and take whatever while you’re inside the house. This is particularly important when leaving the garage at night. Check your garage and lock the doors before you go to bed.

5. Practice regular maintenance.
Preventative maintenance is essential to any home. This doesn’t only keep security systems in good condition, but also reduce repair expenses for your garage doors. Mechanical component corrosion can make your entry points easier for thieves to penetrate.

If you want to ensure your security systems are working properly, it’s good to hire experts to do the job. After all, your family’s security should be a top priority. By keeping up with the necessary security measures in your garage, you can protect your entire home from intruders.

Below are the tips from the Top Realtors in US on how to secure your home garage from burglars:

Question: Why Garage is one of the most vulnerable property areas for burglary?

Thomas J. Nelson


And, how to improve its security in your own opinion. Answer: I’m no security expert, I’m a REALTOR® but I come from a family of REALTORS and police officers; so as a REALTOR® I’ll share this: I know that the exterior keypads people use as an alternative to the remotes are susceptible to “hot wiring” open. I know a common practice of thieves is to slip a thin rigid piece of metal through your upper garage door seem and pull the emergency release rope/lever, thus allowing the door to become a manual roll up door.

I know that some homeowners forget to lock their garage pedestrian doors and windows and I’ve even seen my own neighbors leave their homes forgetting to drop the garage door before driving off. I think it’s important to make sure all your doors and windows lock, that your roll up door is properly serviced and that you consider a security assessment by a reputable company.

Maybe consider a simple security camera and APP that connects to an APP on your phone, I use this method myself among others. I also think a great defense is to be friendly with your neighbors and have them watch out for you and you them. I have called several neighbors over the years when I notice their garage door open for long periods of time unattended or strangers on their their property. Good neighbors and dogs are my main defense, but technology and awareness help too.

Richie Alan Naggar

The garage appeals to burglars because there is no one in there to hear them attempt to break-in. They also can back into a driveway and successfully block views using their vehicle to whatever shenanigans they are up to. Furthermore no one really secures, locks or gives a second thought to their garage being as secure as their home and lastly potential thieves know there is little chance of an alarm inside a garage that will trigger on attempt to break-in.

This is one of those out of sight out of mind situations as well as out of mind period. If we were to frequent the garage as much as lets say the kitchen perhaps our awareness would increase and prompt a response-solution.

Donald Urschalitz

Home Garage Door Security has been a hot topic in our communities in South Florida even in gated communities. Many new garage doors have security keypads on the outside of the house that can be hacked to open the garage door, the next big problem is leaving the door opener in your car outside of the garage making it easy to get in the hands of a burglar, garage door windows without alarms is another way for easy entry.

The last of many tips is do not leave your garage door open when you’re working around the house. The easy solution is to install a motion detecting lights around the venerable doors and windows outside. Hope these help.

Brian England


I would say that the garage is vulnerable when the door is left open and potential burglars can see what is in it. I don’t believe the garage is vulnerable if the door is being kept closed.

Silvia Dukes

Many people become an easy target for burglars because they leave their garage doors open during the day or even forget to sometimes close them at night. Making sure the garage doors are closed as well as the door leading from the garage into the house is the most basic and easiest way to secure your home.

Sam Shueh

I get burglarized two times for not locking the garage door. In a rural area it is a quick way to steal tools and bikes. They have time to pick US made high quality tools and leave affordable Hencho en China.

I locked the garage door then forget. Today I have garage door that requires smart phone apps. Contacted HOA president he said it happened to him also. Since then it is high tech motion camera etc.

Jeffrey DiMuria

Funny you would ask that question. I just had a client who was robbed because they parked in their driveway and left the remote to the garage door on the dashboard! Crooks just broke into the car, opened the garage door and they were in.

Buzz Mackintosh

If your looking for a live & Learn experience I had a listing where my Seller traveled allot for work. When she got back from a business trip her TH had been broken into. She called to ask me if any agents had accessed the property while she was away? The TH had been under contract so the last time the lock box was accessed was the week before she left town for the home inspection.

Turned out some teenagers broke into her car that was parked in the driveway and used the garage door opener to open the garage door. Moral of the story , don’t leave the garage door opener in your car when no one is home!

Diana Dahlberg

LOCK your car doors even at home if you leave your car in the driveway for any length of time. Most homeowners keep their automatic garage door openers clipped to the visors and thieves can gain access as easy as if they had a key to enter their home. The solution: don’t put GDO on visor. Instead replace with a keychain remote that you keep with you at all times. Or try using a Smart Garage Door Opener.

Burglar like the protection of a dark cover of night so install a motion activated flood light near garage windows and doors. This will make the burglar think twice before breaking in. Also install locks on your garage windows along with the added protection of window bars to stop burglars from prying the window open or trying to break the glass.

Joseph Domino

Thanks for contacting me. Yes, no doubt about it garages can be the Achilles heel to home security. Many garages are easily accessed by a service door which is often to the side or rear of the house. Away from the line of sight of friends and neighbors. Couple that with the habit that people often leave the door between the house and the garage unlocked for convenience and you have a recipe for disaster.

Even if the burglar never enters the living space, garages often hold expensive items like cars, tools and appliances. They can be in and out virtually undetected. One area that a lot of homeowners leave unprotected is the large overhead garage door that is operated by an electric door opener. Most homeowners are not aware that door openers have a safety pull cord that allows access in the event that electrical power is lost. It also gives the thief an easy way to enter the garage.

Corrie Sommers

Garages can be especially susceptible to breakin’s pending the garage door and the release mechanism. One of the things people tend to forget about is the side door from the garage that is so common in properties in SoCal.

Often this can be left unlocked – allowing for easy access to the property. Securing the interior door from the garage and the garage door to the exterior is a habit homeowners should get into.




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