The Quality of Holmes Garage Door Springs

Holmes Garage Door SpringsEvery part of the garage door has a role to play in the entire system. You might not think about it but just having a broken part will lead to a non-functioning garage door.

Take for example the garage door springs. These are essential parts that help in opening and closing the garage door. If you’re having troubles with your garage door, most likely the culprit is a faulty garage door springs. The good thing is that this is replaceable so you can always check out replacement springs for your garage door.

One of the trusted makers of replacement garage door springs is Holmes Spring Manufacturing. This should be your top choice in finding a durable garage door spring.

About the brand

Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing provide quality garage door products and spring that are reliable. The brand is considered among the top manufacturers in the industry and ensures that the solutions they provide are first in class.

They have intensive products available that are made from the highest quality of materials. Aside from different garage door springs, mechanical springs, they also offer different products and services such as stenciling, custom ends, powder coating, formed ends, custom packaging, grinding, and looping.

This is an all-American brand that has operations in three different states: Minnesota, Arizona, and Ohio. Through their various locations, they are able to serve all of US while being a cost-effective supplier.

Holmes garage door springs

Holmes also provides springs that work for aluminum doors, roll-up doors, and tilt-up wooden garage doors. They have a wide variety of garage door springs and include torsion springs, galvanized springs, square wire springs, one-piece springs, and extension springs.

All of their springs are made from top quality materials, like stainless steel, high carbon steel, galvanized steel, silicon, round wire, square wire, hard drawn, and music wire. Each product goes through a comprehensive quality inspection to make sure that it meets the intended standards for durability.

Choosing a Holmes garage door spring

When purchasing replacement springs from Holmes, make sure that it matches the springs that you need. Holmes springs are numbered at either side of the spring. So, you can easily match the Holmes spring with your old garage door spring.

1. How is it wound? The first thing that you need to check is the end of the spring to figure out the direction it is wound. If the tip of the spring points in the clockwise direction, then it is left wound. This allows you to determine whether the broken spring is the left-wound spring or the right-wound spring.

2. Get the length of 10 coils. Measure the length of 10 or 20 coils of the garage door spring that needs to be replaced. Make sure that you measure in inches.

3. Measure the diameter. If you need to replace your torsion springs, then you have to measure the inside diameter. Often, this can be determined by checking the number on the winding cone. It will have either a 2.0 or a 1.75 printed on it. This is your inside diameter (ID). If there is no number, then just use a ruler or a measuring tape by placing down the spring on a flat surface and taking the measurement along the inside diameter.

4. Get the exact length of the spring. This is the most important measurement to find the right replacement. The length of a torsion spring often corresponds to its winding capacity. Larger doors usually have bigger and longer springs. To get the measurement, just run a ruler or measuring tape across the entire length of the spring and note it on inches.

Holmes garage door springs have specific catalog numbers that has different lengths, inside diameter, and so on. Make sure that you check the chart to find one that suits your needs.

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